Prison Brides: Everything we know about Craig’s crimes

Craig is one of Prison Brides’ more intriguing characters who ended up being released after spending 10 years in prison for aggravated robbery charges.

One of the unconventional Prison Brides couples that has managed to drum up the most interest over the course of the show’s first season is Jessica and Craig.

Like all of the couples on the show, the thing that makes Jessica and Craig’s love story so unique is the fact that they met (and got married) while Craig was serving time for crimes he had committed over a decade ago.

What put Craig behind bars?

The thing that sets Craig’s case apart from those of the other inmates featured on Prison Brides is that fans have actually been able to witness his release from prison in this first season.

This was after he finished serving 10 years behind bars for what he described as aggravated robbery charges.

Craig does not maintain any kind of public social media presence outside of the show, but he did share over in the first few episodes that all of the crimes he has committed in his life were strictly theft-related.

Though, of course, as is usually the case with budding reality television stars, the internet rumor-mill has suggested that this detail may be a slight fib, as Craig reportedly has a lengthy list of convictions which includes fleeing charges, charges for driving while suspended, burglary and more (though none of this has ever been confirmed)

Following Craig and Jessica’s story on Prison Brides

If you want a recap on everything that we know about Jessica and Craig’s relationship and his incarceration, you may need to re-watch a few of the Prison Brides season one episodes.

These episodes can be outlined as follows (beware, as there are some spoilers ahead):

Episode Key moments
3. “I’ve Seen Him Naked now” Jessica and Craig’s first Prison Brides appearance
4. “Second-Degree Engagement” Craig is released from prison
5. “Collateral Damage” Craig and Jessica settle into their now-shared home as they celebrate his release from prison
6. “Baby Steps” Craig and Jessica find out that they are pregnant
7.”It’s All a Bit Messy” Craig and Jessica start getting their finances in order to prepare for the baby
8. “Wedding Highs and New Lows” Craig and his sister have a difficult conversation about the past
9. “What Did You Do?” Craig and Jessica struggle to see eye-to-eye on their finances

How long was Craig in prison?

As mentioned above, Craig has proved quite difficult to track down outside of the show – and so has his criminal record.

However, the Derby Informer did publish a notice that Craig had applied for executive clemency in March of 2018 and this notice confirms that he was originally sentenced to 130 months in Sedgwick County, Kansas, as a result of his aggravated robbery charges.

And since Craig (according to what we know from Prison Brides) only served 10 years, it is likely that this application for executive clemency was approved and that he received a commutation or a reduction of his sentence after this application was filed.

What you need to know about Craig’s work release program

Craig is the only Prison Brides season one inmate who was lucky enough to get a small taste of freedom even before his official release in episode four, through the Sedgwick County Work Release Program.

Work release programs typically offer a select few inmates the chance to ease their transition back into normal life by taking up regular jobs within the community while they serve out the remainder of their sentences.

According to the Sedgwick County website, the work release program that Craig was involved with before his release would have given him access to new income opportunities and would have earned him a spot in a smaller, supervised facility in the few years leading up to his release.

What we have not seen on Prison Brides

From what we have seen so far on Prison Brides, Jessica and Craig seem to be one of Prison Brides’ most promising couples – not only because they have actually been able to start their new life together on the outside, but also because they will be welcoming a new baby into their family very soon.

However, the off-screen reality is seemingly much bleaker. Jessica has reportedly shared on her private Instagram account that Craig has been arrested and sent back to prison on domestic violence charges since filming for Prison Brides wrapped.

And since she is also now going by her maiden name on social media, it is quite possible that Craig may no longer have a wife waiting for him on the outside this time.