Prison Brides’ most interesting characters

All of the Prison Brides couples have their quirks, but some of the show’s characters still manage to stand out from the crowd.

There is something about the reality television format that tends to bring out the dramatic, eccentric, and downright over-the-top sides of its stars’ personalities.

Just look at all-time favorite reality stars like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Lisa Vanderpump, or even Kim Kardashian.

Not every new reality television show reaches the level of fame of franchises like Keeping Up With the Kardashians or The Real Housewives, but this does not mean that their characters are any less entertaining.

The Prison Brides format

Lifetime’s new docuseries, Prison Brides is no exception to this rule. Prison Brides shares the stories of seven different incarcerated (or formerly incarcerated) inmates from the United States.

Moreover, it also follows the seven women from all over the world who have sacrificed nearly everything to maintain their long-distance relationships with these convicted murderers, robbers and otherwise-unlawful prisoners.

And as you have probably guessed by now, these utterly unique love stories have delivered quite a few unforgettable moments – and highly entertaining characters – over the course of the last few months.

During Prison Brides’ first season, we have been able to follow along as some of the cast members pack up their lives to move overseas (only to still live apart), while other have been able to move in together, albeit in a bare-bones basement.

But some members of the Prison Brides cast just manage to stand out above the crowd and have earned a reputation for being some of the show’s biggest personalities both in front of and behind the cameras.

The Prison Brides cast

Before we dive into the lives of the Prison Brides cast members who somehow manage to take every scene they are in to the next level, it might be useful to recap the entire Prison Brides season one cast.

This cast is as follows:

The Prison Brides season 1 couples
Inmates Partners
Joseph Svea
Michael Erin
Craig Jessica
Curtis Emma
Cage Andreea
KJ Olivia
Jamal Gabriella “Gabby”

All about Prison Brides’ Joseph

When you hear that someone has served 11 years for armed robbery and assault charges, Joseph Whitaker – or more specifically, his artsy alter-ego, FIAZKO – may not necessarily be what you had in mind.

Joseph stands out among the Prison Brides cast, not only because he is one of only a handful of inmates who were actually released on parole during the show’s first season, but also because he seems to have big plans to make it as an artist outside of the show.

Joseph discovered his passion for abstract art after being incarcerated at the age of 19.

And if Joseph’s recent TikTok posts are anything to go by, we may be hearing a lot about him in the future, as he has just opened his very own art studio.

Prison Brides’ most interesting characters
© FIAZKO / TikTok

This is just a little over a year since his release from prison and a few months after his first exhibition as a free man.

All about Prison Brides’ Andreea

Another member of the Prison Brides cast who has captured the attention of fans all over the world is Andreea, the Romanian student (living in London), who inexplicably started a relationship with Cage, an American man who is currently serving 50 years for aggravated burglary.

Any woman who is willing to enter into a relationship in which she will possibly not be able to live with her partner for another 40 years is bound to be regarded as exceptional.

But what has really set Andreea apart from the other women featured on the first season of Prison Brides is the fact that she is planning to starting a family with Cage (reportedly whether or not he gets out on parole after he has served half of his sentence).

All about Prison Brides’ Gabby and Jamal

The Prison Brides cast is certainly filled with many big personalities, but few of the couples featured on the show have managed to stir up quite as much controversy outside of the show as Gabby and Jamal.

In true D-list drama fashion, Gabby and Jamal have been working hard to get his conviction overturned, as they believe that he was wrongfully convicted based on a false testimony.

However, besides the allegations that Jamal may be lying to Gabby about what really happened around the time of his arrest, Jamal has also been accused of cheating on Gabby, whilst Gabby has been accused of willfully going along with a false story.

And it seems like Gabby and Jamal may just turn out to be Prison Brides’ most divisive couple.