Are the Prison Brides season 1 couples still together?

The Prison Brides season one couples have been on quite the journey since filming wrapped, and it seems like only some of these relationships have survived it all.

The first season of Lifetime’s Prison Brides docuseries followed seven couples as they tried to navigate the complexities of having and maintaining serious relationships across borders and behind bars.

What you missed on Prison Brides

Even if you have been tuning in dutifully to watch the first season of Prison Brides since the show’s premiere on January 10, 2024 – you may have only been getting part of the story, as it seems this show has generated just as much behind-the-scenes drama as it did in front of the cameras.

Prison Brides: Where are they now?

Though we have all been tuning in weekly to watch the Prison Brides stories unfold on-screen, in reality, the show stopped filming several months ago.

And this means that quite a lot has changed for these reality television couples while the show has been airing.

To recap, all of the Prison Brides couples’ current relationship statuses (as of March 2024) are as follows:

Prison Brides couple Relationship status at the end of season 1 Current relationship status
Joseph and Svea Separated Back together
Michael and Erin Separated Separated
Craig and Jessica Married Separated
Curtis and Emma Married Still together
Cage and Andreea Engaged Still together
KJ and Olivia Married Still together
Gabby and Jamal Married Still together

What happened between Prison Brides’ Craig and Jessica?

If you are caught up with all of the most recent Prison Brides episodes, then you will likely already know that Jessica and Craig turned out to be the first couple on the show who announced that they are pregnant.

However, Jessica confirmed via her private Instagram account that Craig has already reoffended in the short period of time between when season one of Prison Brides was filmed and when this season aired.

And although Jessica has stated that she has refrained from sharing all of the details, as to protect her son and Craig’s relationship, a recent post from her stories confirms that Craig was arrested for domestic battery charges, that he allegedly “was/is abusive” and that he is not permitted to go within 500 feet of her home.

Craig reportedly asked Jessica for some “time,” but we think it is pretty safe to assume that this particular Prison Brides marriage is well past the honeymoon stage.

Prison Brides’ Michael and Erin: Where are they now?

Michael and Erin has become one of Prison Brides’ most talked-about couples for a reason. Not only did audiences get to witness their rather awkward engagement and the post-engagement budget discussions, but Michael and Erin’s relationship now seems to have almost taken on a life of its own outside of the show.

News broke in November 2023 that Michael had been arrested again, after only being out behind bars for a couple of months.

But what really shocked most Prison Brides fans about this news were the details surrounding Michael’s new charges of domestic violence, menacing by stalking, and disorderly conduct.

Some sources have speculated that the unnamed victim, who Michael reportedly attempted to run over shortly before his arrest, was actually Erin.

And while these allegations have still not been confirmed by Erin, Michael’s sister did state in a recent TikTok video that “it would not surprise [her]” if these allegations turned out to be true.

Michael’s sister also confirmed that Erin stayed in the United States in order to testify in a case against Michael, which seems to imply that their relationship is no longer on good terms.

Will there be a Prison Brides reunion?

One glance at the above table reveals a pretty worrying trend, namely, that all of the Prison Brides couples who have been lucky enough to start their lives together on the outside have broken up within months of filming being wrapped.

Though the one exception is Svea and Joseph, who, judging by some of Joseph’s recent TikTok posts, have seemingly rekindled their relationship as of February 2024.

Are the Prison Brides season one couples still together?

And one thing that would certainly help to shed some light on what exactly happened while the show was being filmed and what happened after the cameras stopped rolling – would be a special, reunion episode.

Lifetime has not officially announced any plans to air such a reunion special.

But given the fact that cast members such as Gabby, Emma, Andreea, Erin and maybe even Jessica have so much that they still want to say about this experience with the show – we just cannot help but to hope that a Prison Brides season one reunion will be announced very soon.

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