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Port Protection Alaska star Morgan reacts to the show’s non-renewal

Morgan may be one of Port Protection Alaska’s newest cast members, but she is just as devastated about the show’s non-renewal as everyone else.

Port Protection Alaska has been a fan-favorite show amongst fans of the extreme survival-genre for almost a decade.

This show follows the residents of a very remote northern corner of Alaska called Port Protection as they go about their unique, off-the-grid lives in this serene and beautiful part of the world.

But more than one of the show’s many stars have now confirmed that the show has not been renewed for a new season.

Morgan’s recent TikTok video

If you are a longtime Port Protection Alaska fan, you will know that this challenging lifestyle attracts a wide range of personalities.

And while this includes old-timers like Sam Carlson and Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach – it also includes young newcomers like Morgan Turcott.

Morgan is a fairly new addition to the Port Protection cast, but it seems like the recent news about the show’s non-renewal has hit her just as hard as the stars who have been part of the show since the beginning.

In fact, Morgan took to TikTok a few months ago to share her disappointment about the show ending, with a video captioned “3 years of reality TV later and still embarrassing to watch yourself on television.”

Morgan Turcott’s 3-year Port Protection Alaska journey

According to the 2020 census data, Port Protection is home to only about 40 residents. However, not all of these residents signed on to be in the show when it first premiered back in 2015.

Morgan, for instance, only joined the show in its eighth season. All in all, her run on the show (to date) can be summarized as follows:

Season Total episodes Premiere date
Season 8 16 January 10, 2023
Season 9 10 March 6, 2024

All about Port Protection Alaska’s non-renewal

While many of the Port Protection Alaska stars, including Morgan and David Squibb, have now confirmed that the show has not been picked up for another season – there is a little bit more to the show’s non-renewal than that.

This post from the David Squibb’s Revelers Hall Facebook page confirms what many Port Protection Alaska fans have suspected for a long time – there were 10 extra episodes filmed in 2023 which were never aired as part of the show’s most recent, ninth season.

National Geographic has not yet revealed when they plan to air these last few episodes (or even if they intend to air them at all).

But this does mean that fans of the show can hold onto the hope that they may be able to see a little bit more of Port Protection and its residents in the immediate future.

Is there really a chance that Port Protection Alaska will come back in the future?

After Morgan shared her feelings about spending three years filming for a television show just to have it “not renewed” abruptly, she took to the comment section of her TikTok page to set the record straight.

Morgan clarified that there is a distinction to be made between a show that has been cancelled and a show like Port Protection Alaska, which has just not been renewed.

And since Port Protection Alaska is “not technically cancelled” this former docuseries star has added that she (and likely many of the show’s other cast members) are “hoping they [meaning the executives at National Geographic who are in charge of renewals and cancellations] see the interest is still strong and renew it.”

Unfortunately, in all likelihood, it will take much more than a small increase in viewership to save the show from cancellation.

Morgan’s plans for the future

Quite a lot has changed in Morgan’s life, since season nine of Port Protection Alaska (and since the ten episodes that have yet to air) were filmed in 2023.

And if you are not following this documentary star on social media, you may just have missed the fact that she became a mother and a fiancée over the course of the last few months.

There is no doubt that, even without the show’s intense filming schedule, Morgan will have her hands full over the next few months caring for her new baby and planning her wedding with her partner, Carlos Hernandez.

But Morgan has also revealed a few exciting plans for their home in Port Protection – which includes plans for a fully-functioning greenhouse (which will supply them with lots of produce) and even some plans for an excursion business, which will hopefully allow Port Protection Alaska fans to experience the area for themselves at some point in the near future.

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