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Want to live like the stars of Port Protection Alaska? – What you need to know

There are a few properties for sale in Port Protection, but living in this remote community is not always simple.

If you have been tuning in to watch Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach, Sam Carlson, David Squibb and more, hunt, fish, build, chop and steer their way around their remote and quaint community in the northern part of Alaska in the last decade – chances are that the thought of moving to Port Protection has crossed your mind at least once.

Are there any properties for sale in Port Protection?

The National Geographic show, Port Protection Alaska has given millions of viewers worldwide a glimpse into what life is truly like in one of the northern-most parts of Alaska.

And while this life away from the hustle and bustle of city life can seem somewhat exclusive, it looks like the only thing that you need to live like your favorite Port Protection Alaska stars – is a home in the area.

And, fortunately for would-be Port Protection survivalists, a few properties are currently listed in this very small, very remote area of the country.

However, before you start scraping together your funds, it is important to note that this life is not always as idyllic as it seems on television.

How much do houses in Port Protection Alaska cost?

There are currently only two properties in all of Port Protection listed for sale online. This includes one lot that is listed for $100,000 (which already has an offer pending) and one property that has already been developed.

This property can be described as follows:

Category Description
Listing price $265,000
Size 736 square feet
Price per square foot $360
Number of bedrooms 2
Number of bathrooms 1
Extras The listing for this home includes several extras, such as a 120-foot buff with ATC access, cedar hand-crafted counters and tables, a greenhouse, sheds, a generator and more.

According to Zillow, this listing falls well below Alaska’s median list price of $394,483 (as of April 30, 2024).

See the property in pictures here.

What is it really like living in Port Protection, Alaska?

If you tune in to watch shows like Port Protection Alaska regularly, it can be quite easy to get dazzled by the sheer beauty and seemingly peaceful surrounds of remote communities like Port Protection.

However, in reality, living in these far-off places can be quite tricky. Alaskan real estate agent, Melissa Matecki, admitted to Realtor.com in 2020 that life in Port Protection “doesn’t work for everybody” – a sentiment that we have heard repeated over and over again on Port Protection Alaska.

And any outsiders considering making a move off-the-grid, will need to consider all the time and effort that this type of off-the-grid lifestyle requires.

Not to mention the fact that Port Protection’s remote location (which is only accessible by boat and plane in the winter) means that you will be far from friends, family, shops, medical care, entertainment, services, among other things.

Though one plus is that the real-life Port Protection residents have confirmed that Amazon does deliver a few non-perishable items, even to this extremely remote part of the country.

Port Protection Alaska: What is real and what is not about living in Port Protection

The cost of living in Port Protection

Cost of living is subjective, and it will most likely differ from one person to the next. However, various sources on the internet have pegged the average cost of living in Port Protection at around $43,121 a year (which is slightly higher than the overall American average).

This higher cost of living most likely comes down to the limited supply of food, groceries, and other essential items, as well as the additional cost of transporting goods by plane and boat.

It is, however, important to keep in mind that most Port Protection residents endeavor to be completely self-reliant and save money by doing their own hunting, gardening, fishing and logging, throughout the year.

Can anyone just up and live in Port Protection Alaska?

What is there to do in Port Protection?

The residents that do make it work in Port Protection spend most of their time securing food, firewood and ensuring that their homes are in tip-top shape before the harsh Alaskan winters descend.

But for an area with only 40-or-so residents, Port Protection actually has a lot going on. Commercial fishing has always been an integral part of life in Port Protection, and both full-time residents and visitors can join fishing expeditions year-round.

The Wooden Wheel Cove Trading Post is the area’s go-to spot for any grocery items and little necessities and the community even has its own school.

If you are a longtime Port Protection Alaska viewer, you will likely already know that what Port Protection lacks in actual roads – it makes up for in its stunning views and impressive, cove-wide boardwalk.