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Why fans think that Troy is not returning for another season of Port Protection Alaska

It seems like Troy may have left Port Protection Alaska between seasons, which would not exactly bode well for his future on the show.

Living in Alaska’s Port Protection means that you will be surrounded by the beautiful Alaskan wilderness (and the other 40-or-so residents who call this remote area their home), daily. But it also means facing harsh winters, limited supply and a fair share of dangers.

And while many of the stars of National Geographic’s show, Port Protection Alaska, would not trade their off-the-grid lifestyle for anything – not everyone adjusts to life on this remote island quite as easily.

Troy’s future on Port Protection Alaska

If the rumors are true about what has been going on in Port Protection between seasons, it seems like the ‘could not hack it’ group of former Port Protection cast members now includes diver and postmaster, Troy Brockway.

According to the Port Protection grapevine, Troy has decided to move out of Port Protection, which means that he will likely no longer be featured as a main cast member on the show, moving forward.

Troy’s Port Protection Alaska run

Although Troy has become a real Port Protection Alaska fan-favorite in the last few seasons of the show, he is actually one of the show’s newest cast additions.

In fact, Troy did not join the Port Protection Alaska cast until the show’s seventh season, which aired in 2022. All in all, Troy’s run on the show (to date) can be outlined as follows:

Port Protection Alaska season Episodes
Season 7
  • “Float-House Resurrection”
  • “Locked and Loaded”
  • “Bear Hunt Revisited”
  • “Fortune Favors the Bold”
  • “The Kill Shot”
  • “Halibut, Hoist and Home”
  • “The Swimming Dead”
  • “Breaking Ground”
  • “The Hunter and His Dog”
  • Trolling Hard”
  • “Through Hell or High Water”
  • “Squibb Game”
  • “A Winter’s Feast”
Season 8
  • “The Perfect Bear”
  • “Everything Eats Each Other”
  • “Sink House”
  • “Loading the Bear”
  • “Uphill Battle”
  • “Deadwood”
  • “Alaskan Gothic”
  • “A Run at the Kings”
  • “It Gets Shallow Fast”
  • “Treasure and Hunters”
  • “Apex Predator”
  • “Wolfpack”
  • “The Huntress and the Greenhorn”
  • “Grandpa’s pot”
  • “Last Flat Day”
  • “This Must Be the Place”
Season 9
  • “The Dark Days are Over”
  • “Packing Heat”
  • “Still Icy”
  • “Tree of Death”
  • “Professor Chainsaw”
  • “Any Blood Will Do”
  • “Chaos Always”
  • “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet”
  • “Don’t Look Back”

The rumors and speculation surrounding Troy’s exit from the show

Troy’s personal Facebook page has not been updated since 2017, so, if he has decided to leave the show – there is little to no chance that he will ever explain his decision publicly. However, this has not stopped the rumors about his exit from circulating online.

According to a few trusted Port Protection Alaska insiders, both David Squibb and Carl have now confirmed that Troy left Port Protection.

Apparently, Troy initially explained that he was leaving for a vacation in Europe, but he has not officially returned to Port Protection, even though he has returned from this trip.

As it stands, it seems like no one (including Troy’s former Port Protection cast mates) have any idea whether he will return to the area – or to the show, for that matter – anytime soon.

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Troy’s postmaster job

To add another layer of intrigue to the whole story – it seems like Troy’s old job is now being advertised.

If you have followed Troy’s Port Protection Alaska journey since the beginning, you will already know that Troy had the absolutely crucial job of ensuring that the mail that arrived at Port Protection was delivered to the right people as the area’s designated postmaster.

However, several Port Protection locals have now stated that the position of postmaster has been advertised as “open.” This has only intensified the speculation that Troy may have left the area for good.

Will there even be another season of Port Protection Alaska?

Port Protection Alaska has not yet officially been renewed for another season. However, unofficially, the producers of the show reportedly already filmed another 10 episodes in 2023 which have still never aired.

So while the future of the show remains somewhat uncertain on paper, there is a good chance that National Geographic will eventually air another season of the show at some point in the future.

And if this season really was filmed all the way back in 2023 – right after the show’s most recent ninth season – we may get to see a final few scenes with Troy (which could have possibly been filmed, before he left Port Protection) before long.

After all, the rumors about his departure from Port Protection did not start swirling until a few weeks ago, which means that he might have agreed to film a few last episodes before his departure.

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