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Port Protection Alaska season eight: The ten episodes just waiting to be aired

Port Protection Alaska’s eighth season is technically still on ice, but rumor has it that the show will be coming back very soon.

Fans have been watching as the residents of the remote Port Protection in Alaska hunt, fish, build and try to survive the region’s brutal winters since the Life Be low Zero spin-off, Port Protection Alaska, first started airing in 2016.

More recently, however, there has been some confusion about whether Port Protection Alaska will return for another season or not.

Will Port Protection Alaska return for an eighth season?

According to various insider sources, the Port Protection Alaska production crew reportedly filmed a total of 20 episodes during the February to October 2023 filming season.

However, if you are quick with the mental maths, then you have probably already figured out that the most recent season of the show that aired only featured half of these episodes.

This means that there are ten more episodes (which could easily be turned into the show’s eighth season) reportedly just lying around until the higher-ups at National Geographic decide whether the show should be brought back for another season or not.

When will Port Protection Alaska return for another season?

As explained above, it seems like Port Protection Alaska’s presumed eighth season is stuck in limbo for the time being.

For now, some sources insist that the show will return for season eight in 2025, while others have reported that the show has already been cancelled.

But since there is so much uncertainty at this stage, it might be best to take a look at how the previous seasons of the show aired.

At this point, it seems like every network and streaming service has devised its own way of categorizing the Port Protection Alaska episodes into different seasons.

But for the purposes of this article, we have divided the show’s first seven seasons and their initial air dates as follows:

Port Protection Alaska season Premiere date Finale date
Season 1 July 19, 2015 September 20, 2015
Season 2 April 18, 2016 June 27, 2016
Season 3 February 18, 2020 April 21, 2020
Season 4 January 12, 2021 April 20, 2021
Season 5 January 18, 2022 April 19, 2022
Season 6 January 11, 2023 April 25, 2023
Season 7 March 6, 2024 May 7, 2024

If the still-unconfirmed season eight sticks to this pattern, fans could expect it to start airing at the beginning of 2025. That is, if the show is officially renewed before then.

What we know about the Port Protection Alaska ratings and viewership numbers

Viewership numbers and ratings are not the only factors taken into consideration when networks are deciding which shows to renew (and which shows to leave on the cutting room floor).

However, these numbers are still some of the most important indicators of whether a show like Port Protection Alaska even stands a chance of being brought back for another season.

And, while it is not exactly clear what is holding up the process at National Geographic, Port Protection Alaska’s viewership numbers are not too bad.

The show is still ranked as National Geographic’s second-most popular show (just behind Secrets of the Octopus as per USTVDB) when season seven premiered in March of 2024.

What we know about the Port Protection Alaska cast

Since all of the details surrounding these ten extra episodes of Port Protection Alaska have been so hush-hush, there are not many concrete details about what this possibly upcoming season could entail.

However, we do have some ideas about which of the fan-favorite Port Protection Alaska cast members will make an appearance in season eight. For those who missed it, Mary left Port Protection Alaska at the end of season seven.

And, while she reportedly still visits the area from time to time, it is likely that she will no longer be featured as one of the show’s main cast members moving forward.

However, her old friend, Timothy ‘Curly’ Leach, as well as a few other Port Protection natives, like David Squibb, Sam Carlson, Oliver Johnson, Breanna Miethe and more, will appear in the upcoming season.

What we know about the Port Protection Alaska season eight plot

The residents of Port Protection Alaska never quite know what is coming their way next.

And while we do not have many details about what to expect for the show’s eighth season (if it eventually returns), we do know that any new Port Protection Alaska season will feature plenty of good-old Alaskan ingenuity, probably a few close calls on the icy waters and – certainly – a whole lot of extreme survival in one of Alaska’s most remote areas.

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