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The future of Port Protection Alaska explained – 2024 and beyond

It looks like Port Protection Alaska will return for another season on National Geographic, but this news is not entirely as positive as it seems at first glance.

There are few things in life more stressful than waiting to hear whether your favorite television show will be renewed for another season.

And since the networks so often just let popular shows disappear off the air without another word – this wait can often feel almost as difficult as surviving in the Alaskan wilderness.

What lies ahead for Port protection Alaska

Fans of the National Geographic show, Port Protection Alaska, have just tuned in to watch the residents of this remote census-designated place go about getting ready for the long winter ahead in the show’s ninth season.

Now that this most recent season has concluded, however, rumors about what may lay ahead for Port Protection Alaska have started circulating.

And in a rather sad turn of events – it seems like although Port Protection Alaska will return for a tenth season at some point in the near future –  this season will be the show’s last.

Port Protection Alaska season nine – 2024 airing schedule

Before we jump into what lies ahead for Port Protection Alaska, it might be time to examine the new 2024 episodes of the show which have only just aired.

Season nine of Port Protection Alaska aired between March 6, 2024, and May 7, 2024, and it can be summarized as follows:

Episode Title Initial air date
Episode 1 “The Dark Days are Over” March 6, 2024
Episode 2 “Packing Heat” March 13, 2024
Episode 3 “Still Icy” March 19, 2024
Episode 4 “Tree of Death” March 26, 2024
Episode 5 “Professor Chainsaw” April 2, 2024
Episode 6 “The Beaver Trap” April 9, 2024
Episode 7 “Any Blood Will Do” April 16, 2024
Episode 8 “Chaos Always” April 23, 2024
Episode 9 “Rode Hard and Put Away Wet” April 30, 2024
Episode 10 “Don’t Look Back” May 7, 2024

Port Protection Alaska: The lost episodes

The future of Port Protection Alaska has been a hot topic for debate among the show’s fans for quite some time.

Needless to say, most of the show’s longtime fans will prefer that it continue forever (or at least for a couple more seasons) but the relative popularity of a show is not the only factor that the executives at National Geographic take into consideration when they are deciding whether to renew a show or not.

In fact, networks like National Geographic – and its parent-companies – have to consider a wide variety of factors, including things like the budget, production costs, the timing, the scheduling and certainly the popularity of all of their shows to ensure that they are getting the best possible bang for their buck with every broadcast.

As a result, their airing decisions can often seem quite puzzling from the outside.

For instance, rumors have been flying around for quite some time that the producers filmed 10 extra episodes of the show in 2023 (around the time that they filmed the content for season nine).

However, these supposedly ready-to-air episodes have still not made it to air.

Port Protection Alaska season eight: The ten episodes just waiting to be aired

New updates on the Port Protection renewal

There have certainly been quite a few strange behind-the-scenes goings-on of Port Protection Alaska over the course of the last few years.

But fortunately, the longtime Port Protection Alaska Star, David Squibb has finally provided a few much-needed updates about the show.

According to this Facebook post, Port Protection Alaska has “not been renewed for more filming.” However, Squibb did say that National Geographic still has the 10 “lost episodes” and that these episodes will likely air at some point in the future.

The future of Port Protection Alaska explained – 2024 and beyond

When you can expect to see Port Protection Alaska’s final season

Neither Squibb nor National Geographic have announced any sort of official timeline for Port Protection Alaska’s last hurrah, just yet.

But given the fact that the show’s previous three seasons started airing on January 19 (2022), January 10 (2023) and March 6 (2024), respectively – it is likely that Port Protection Alaska season 10 will only start airing early in 2025.

It is also noteworthy that avid Port Protection Alaska fans are not ready to let the show go down without a fight.

And besides the dozens of comments begging National Geographic to reverse their decision to cancel the show after season 10, some fans have even created a petition to try and keep Port Protection Alaska alive.

So there is still a tiny slither of hope that this crusade will prevail and that Squibb and the rest of the Port Protection Alaska cast will be able to return for more seasons beyond season 10.

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