Prison Brides: Erin

Erin is one of Prison Brides’ most divisive cast members, and it now seems like her relationship with Michael may be falling apart behind the scenes.

Lifetime’s new Prison Brides docuseries places the very unconventional and certainly controversial relationships between inmates in the United States and their foreign partners, in the spotlight.

Erin and Michael’s story so far

Erin is just one of the hopeful romantics featured in the first season of the show. Her appearance on Prison Brides made waves right off the bat when she mentioned that she had given up her job as a hairstylist in Australia.

Erin also decided to leave her son behind in order to move to America to be with her boyfriend (now fiancé), Michael.

When Erin and Michael first met, he was busy serving an eight and a half-year sentence in Wooster, Ohio.

However, though Erin and Michael was one of the lucky couples who could actually start their life together quite early on in the series, it does not seem like this has saved them from all of the drama on the outside.

What lies ahead for Erin and Michael on Prison Brides

Quite a lot has happened since Erin and Michael celebrated his release from prison in the first Prison Brides episode.

And given what we now know about their relationship and off-screen lives, there is absolutely no doubt that Erin and Michael will have a lot more to overcome in the next few episodes of the show.

The details of Prison Brides’ next episode can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
Episode Episode 7
Title “It’s All a Bit Messy”
Air date February 21, 2024
Timeslot Wednesdays at 9:30 p.m. ET and 8:30 CT

All about the Prison Brides backlash

The couples who agreed to share the details of their romantic relationships on this first season of Prison Brides likely knew that they would come up against a few nasty comments about their unusual arrangements once the show started airing.

However, it seems like almost none of the Prison Brides couples were prepared for just how ugly things would get on social media now that they are established as full-fledged reality television stars.

One of the show’s stars, Andreea, recently even took to TikTok to remind fans and critics of the show that “it is not easy” for the Prison Brides couples to share their controversial relationships on the show.

Erin too, has not been exempt from this backlash and has now even set her Instagram account to private.

Unfortunately, it seems like the only way that fans and viewers will get Erin’s take on her relationship with Michael now is to tune in to watch the remainder of Prison Brides’ first season.

Are Erin and Michael still together?

Erin and Michael certainly came out swinging in the first few episodes of Prison Brides’ first season, and fans even got to see Michael pop the big question shortly after his release from prison.

However, Prison Brides was filmed months before the show actually hit the air. And while Erin and Michael appear quite happy to start their life together on the show, things seem to have taken a turn for the worse now that the filming has wrapped.

Rumor has it that Michael has now been arrested on new charges, including domestic violence charges, menacing by stalking and disorderly conduct charges.

Erin has not spoken out publicly about this new development just yet, but it is fair to presume that these new charges (and possibly another lengthy prison sentence) will cast an extremely dark shadow over the future of Erin and Michael’s relationship and their wedding plans.

Prison Brides: Erin
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Everything we know about Erin’s first marriage

The reality is that even if this new reported arrest is not enough to break up their relationship, Erin and Michael still have a number of obstacles that they will need to circumvent before they can officially tie the knot.

And perhaps the biggest obstacle that they will need to figure out first is the fact the Erin is technically still married.

According to what we could dig up about Erin’s marriage on this very outdated Instagram page, Erin got married to her husband back in 2012, and the couple decided to call it quits less than a year later.

Erin has never elaborated on why this marriage fell apart, but there have been some rumors and speculation floating around that the split was not quite amicable, with some of the allegations even stating that Erin was escorted out of her former husband’s home by the police.

So, with Michael’s rumored arrest and the drama in Erin’s current marriage – it is seeming increasingly unlikely that this Prison Brides couple will get their ‘happily ever after’.

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