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Port Protection Alaska: Where Hans and Timbi are now

Hans and Timbi left Port Protection Alaska years ago, after this fan-favorite couple went through a divorce in real life.

Whilst starring in a popular docuseries may seem like a dream to some people – just like living far away from the hustle and bustle of city life in the remote Alaskan wilderness – this way of life is not always as idyllic as it seems on television.

The residents of Port Protection in Alaska do get to enjoy unparalleled views and a close connection to their natural environment on a daily basis.

However, as Port Protection Alaska has also illustrated so earnestly over the course of the last decade, things like illness, disability, a desire to be closer to family, work opportunities and more, can all drive residents away from the area – and, away from the show.

Why Hans and Timbi no longer appear on Port Protection Alaska

There are a variety of reasons why we have seen the members of the Port Protection cast come and go over the years.

Hans and Timbi, a couple who made their mark on the first few seasons of the show, failed to return to more recent seasons of Port Protection Alaska, after they were divorced off-screen.

In the end, it seems like some of Port Protection’s residents simply prefer to keep the finer details of their personal lives, far away from the reality television cameras.

Port Protection Alaska through the years

While Port Protection initially began as a simple spin-off of the show Life Below Zero, it has now grown into a fan-favorite docuseries that has aired over 70 episodes across its nine seasons.

The show can be summarized as follows (seasons and episodes may differ slightly, depending on the service you use to watch the show):

Port Protection Alaska season Episodes Premiere date
Season 1 10 July 19, 2015
Season 2 10 April 18, 2016
Season 3 7 March 12, 2017
Season 4 5 January 8, 2019
Season 5 10 February 18, 2020
Season 6 10 January 12, 2021
Season 7 14 January 19, 2022
Season 8 16 January 10, 2023
Season 9 10 March 6, 2024

Why did Hans and Timbi split up?

Hans and Timbi were quite the fan-favorite couple in the early seasons of Port Protection Alaska, and their behind-the-scenes split has puzzled many long-time fans of the show.

Unfortunately though, neither Timbi, nor Hans, have clarified the exact reason for their divorce publicly.

However, Timbi (who has now returned to her maiden name, Barron) did clarify via her Facebook page that the divorce was “truly not a bad thing” and that she is “so much happier and so loved” now that they have parted ways.

Timbi also added that the divorce “worked out for [her] best,” which seems to imply that she is in a much better place now.

Hans seems to have disabled all of his personal social media pages except for his YouTube channel and he has not yet commented on their divorce publicly.

What Hans is up to now

Hans has pretty much fallen off the map since he and Timbi split up. The internet rumor mill has suggested that he is still living in Port Protection, despite no longer being featured on the show.

And, given that Hans has shared his love for Port Protection through multiple YouTube videos in the past, this is not exactly difficult to believe.

However, Hans’s YouTube channel has not been updated in over two years and it seems like the Port Protection Wilderness Lodge (which Hans used to manage) is no longer in operation – so, it is difficult to say where this former Port Protection Alaska star finds himself these days.

Timbi’s new business

Timbi, on the other hand, has a thriving new business that she has not been shy about sharing online. ‘Timbi’s Alaskan Soaps & Sundries’ is an online business that boasts a wide variety of “Made in Alaska by real Alaskans” soaps, art pieces and other trinkets.

According to the website, all of the products in Timbi’s online store are hand-made with sustainable plant-derived ingredients.

Timbi runs her new business from her new home in Anchorage, Alaska – not to worry; she has confirmed that she gave all of her old ducks and goats to a nearby farm, before she left Port Protection in 2017.

When Timbi is not busy making soaps and other sundries for this business, she spends her free time with her family and friends, or sharing some of her expertise via Facebook Live.

Timbi does not seem to harbor any bad feelings about her time on Port Protection Alaska, and has even called filming for the show “a once-in-a-lifetime experience”.

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