How Veronica ended up on Port Protection Alaska

No one ends up in Port Protection by accident and it seems like Veronica moved to the area to be closer to her aunt and uncle.

Port Protection is a small, far-off community along the northwest side of Prince of Wales-Hyder Census Area in Alaska.

If it were not for the popular National Geographic docuseries, Port Protection Alaska (also known as “Lawless Island” in some parts of the world), no one outside of a handful of people would even know that this community existed.

And even with its relative reality television fame, it still takes a journey of several hours by plane, by boat, or via the old logging road (which is only accessible a few months in the year) to access this community.

Veronica’s move to Port Protection

All this is to say that the people who end up calling Port Protection home (and those who subsequently star in Port Protection Alaska), do not end up in this community by accident.

One of the show’s newest cast additions, the bubbly Veronica Arrants, is no exception to this rule. Veronica joined the Port Protection cast just a few years ago – but her connection to this area and to the show ran much deeper than that.

Although Veronica has never addressed her move to Port Protection publicly, it is widely accepted that she probably moved to the area to help care for her aunt, Litzi Botello (who joined the cast in 2021)

. And while he does not always feature prominently in the show, Veronica’s uncle, John, was also an active member of the community.

Despite the hardships that Veronica and her extended family have faced in the few years since she first signed on to the show, she seems to have made the most of her time as a Port Protection resident and a Port Protection Alaska cast member.

Veronica’s run on Port Protection Alaska

Veronica has not been part of the Port Protection Alaska cast for very long, but she has already been established as a firm fan-favorite. All in all, Veronica’s two-season run on the show can be outlined as follows:

Season Premiere date
Season 6 January 10, 2023
Season 7 March 6, 2024

What Veronica did before she joined the cast of Port Protection Alaska

Veronica may be a fairly new addition to the Port Protection Alaska cast (and to the area in general), but a deep dive into her Facebook account reveals that she has always loved the outdoors.

Veronica’s Facebook page has a variety of photos of her on hikes or working in her garden, stretching all the way back to 2014.

However, it seems like before she signed on to become one of Port Protection Alaska’s many reality television stars, she spent most of her free time studying at Green River College in Auburn, Washington, where she studied until 2018.

Does Veronica have what it takes to survive off-the-grid

Living in Port Protection certainly poses a few, very unique challenges. And, whenever a new cast member moves to the area, there is some danger that these challenges will simply prove too much for them to handle.

Fortunately, Veronica has already had an easier start than most of the full-time residents had when they first moved to Port Protection.

In fact, between reportedly inheriting her aunt Litzi’s home and her uncle John’s boat – she already has many of the key elements to ensure her survival in this remote community.

And while Veronica is still learning the ropes of this extreme off-grid lifestyle as she goes, the friendships that she has forged with the rest of the Port Protection cast over the last few years should help her settle in to life in this area quite easily.

Will Veronica be on future seasons of the show?

If you have not kept up with the new Port Protection Alaska news between seasons, you may have missed the fact that National Geographic has chosen not to renew the show.

While this is disappointing news for Port Protection Alaska fans, there is a small silver lining. The Port Protection Alaska producers filmed an additional 10 episodes of the show (alongside its most recent season) in 2023.

And it seems like National Geographic has plans to air these final 10 episodes as the last season of the show in 2025.

Veronica has not spoken out about the show ending publicly yet – she has not even updated her Facebook page, since before she joined the show in 2021.

However, since she is featured in this Port Protection Alaska cast photo that David shared when filming wrapped in 2023, there is a very good chance that she will appear in these last ten, unaired episodes.