Pompa gets a big surprise on Iron Resurrection’s most recent episode

Iron Resurrection has returned for a brand new season, and surprise! – so has the fan-favorite cast member, Pompa.

Joe Martin, his wife, Amanda ‘Mandi’ Martin and his friend, Jayson ‘Shag’ Arrington have officially returned for a seventh season of Iron Resurrection.

As the show’s name suggests, the Iron Resurrection team comprises experts at taking junk cars and turning them into the custom hot rods of any gearhead’s dreams.

However, the show’s most recent episode features a project which is just a little bit out of the ordinary.

Pompa’s new bike

If you are a longtime Iron Resurrection viewer, you likely know that the Martin Bros. Customs team stretches far beyond just Joe, Mandi and Shag.

You may even know that Pompa (the Martin Bros. Customs shop assistant) used to be one of the show’s regular cast members.

Usually, if the Iron Resurrection crew was to tell us that they were planning a “big surprise” for Pompa, many would suspect that the surprise involves some kind of prank – and possibly even some fireworks or a fake snake or two.

However, the show’s most recent episode, “Pompa’s Fat Boy Harley” contains a very different kind of surprise.

This time around, Joe and the team set out to surprise Pompa by building a completely custom and very green Harley Fat Boy for Pompa to thank him for all the hard work that he does around the shop.

And possibly as a way to apologize for all of the above-mentioned pranks.

Fans can tune in on March 19, 2024, to see how this extra-special custom Fat Boy build turns out at the end of the “Pompa’s Harley Fat Boy Surprise Part 2” episode.

All about Iron Resurrection season 7

Iron Resurrection season seven is winding down and Pompa’s Harley Fat Boy build is probably one of the last builds that we will see from the Martin Bros. Customs team for a while.

And though it is certainly sad to know that the Iron Resurrection team will be taking another production break soon – it is also the perfect opportunity to ensure that you are all caught up.

Episode Initial air date
1.     “X-Frame Overhaul – ’60 Impala Part 1” January 16, 2024
2.     “X-Frame Overhaul – ’60 Impala Part 2” January 23, 2024
3.     “Big Wheels, Big Engine – ’55 Big Window Truck” January 30, 2024
4.     “Step Van to Showstopper” February 7, 2024
5.     “Step Van to Showstopper Part 2” February 13, 2024
6.     “Step Van to Showstopper Part 3” February 20, 2024
7.     “’36 Ford Coupe: Old School Cool” February 27, 2024
8.     “’36 Ford Coupe: Old School Cool Part 2” March 5, 2024
9.     “Pompa’s Fat Boy Harley Surprise” March 12, 2024

Why a Harley Fat Boy?

The Martin Bros. Customs team has proven over and over again that they can turn just about any hunk of junk into a drool-worthy custom ride. And it is not difficult to see why they chose a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy for this particular project.

The Fat Boy first made its debut back in 1990, but its signature sleek look and robust performance has made it a favorite in the Harley-Davidson lineup for over three decades.

The Fat boy has gone through quite a few different iterations over the years, but its stocky build and light handling makes it the perfect cruising bike.

The Fat Boy frame also provides more than enough room for Joe and the rest of the Iron Resurrection team to go all out on those special, custom details, and we expect that Pompa’s final bike will be unlike anything ever seen before on the road.

What has Pompa been up to?

Avid Iron Resurrection fans will already know that many of the show’s cast members, including Pompa, have been appearing in fewer and fewer episodes over the years.

And, while rumors have long been circulating that Pompa had left the show because of all of the practical jokes and pranks that he had to endure through the years – this new project is proof positive that there is truly no bad blood behind the scenes.

A quick peek at Pompa’s Instagram page also reveals that he is still working for Martin Bros. Customs, even when the cameras are not rolling.

What is next for Iron Resurrection?

Iron Resurrection’s next “Pompa’s Harley Fat Boy Surprise Part 2” episode will most likely mark the end of season seven.

But fortunately, the Iron Resurrection team is seemingly planning to go out with a bang.

Not only will this episode feature the reveal of Pompa’s new bike, but it will also feature an exciting rebuild and a neglected Ferrari from Joe’s personal collection.