Will white paint make a drab apartment brighter?

Adding the right white paint to your walls, ceiling and trim can help to make drab apartments feel bright and open.

If any room in your apartment, or the whole apartment, is feeling a bit lackluster, there are a few ways to make the room feel updated and fresh.

Adding splashes of color can help you breathe new life into your space. Additionally, adding mirrors and lighting fixtures will help the space to feel less dark and gloomy.

One of the most effective ways to make your space feel brighter and make your room designs more exciting, is to add a bright paint color to the walls of your apartment.

You can also add white paint to other elements in your apartment to get this same brightening effect.

No matter where you choose to use your white paint, there are a few factors to consider before choosing your exact shade, which will ensure that your end result has a bright and open feeling.

Designing for drab apartments

Sometimes, a room can feel like it is just missing something, but putting your finger on exactly what that “something” is, can be tricky.

A room can feel drab and boring for various reasons, but fortunately, that also means that there are many ways to change it into an exciting space.

One of the best ways to bring life back into a dull room is to add actual living plants. The addition of greenery – living or artificial – will add some natural energy back into your room.

This will also add pops of green to your space, which will also help to expand your color scheme in the room.

Adding other colorful items, like art, pillows and rugs is also a good way to update your space in a relatively inexpensive way. These fun pieces will help you add some of your own personality to your space, which will make it more appealing to you.

A dark room can also feel quite drab. However, adding updated lighting fixtures and mirrors to the space could help you to brighten it up.

Mirrors come in a variety of shapes, styles and sizes and they will help reflect any natural light in the room, throughout the room.

These will also illuminate any dark corners and counteract distracting shadows that the room may have, which should instantly make the room feel fresh and new.

However, lighting and mirrors are not the only way to brighten up a space. This can also be done by adding bright paint to a dull and dark space.

Will white paint make a drab apartment brighter?

White has always been a popular interior- and exterior paint color. Painting your walls white is also an effective way to brighten up your space and make it feel open, clean, and airy.

Where mirrors and added light fixtures can add some light into your space, white paint can reflect almost all of the light that touches your wall, giving your room a pleasant glow.

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of a color measures the amount of visible light that the color reflects.

Although different white paints will differ slightly, white paint usually has a high LRV. This means that white paint reflects a lot of visible light in the room.

Aside from this glowy effect that will also make other colors appear brighter and more saturated, this reflection of visible light will soften the corners of a room.

When the corners of the room are not as noticeable, it creates a clever visual trick where the room feels bigger and much more open, because the walls appear further apart.

White paint is also a popular choice, because it can be used as a light neutral base color for your room design.

This allows you to layer other colors and textures on top of this color, without having to worry about these colors clashing with the white paint, or the room becoming too overwhelming. White paint is also a popular color to use for trim, for the same reason.

Even though white paint is such a versatile color, not all white paints are the same and it is important to choose the right paint for your space, otherwise it could ruin your entire room design, instead of improving it.

White paint for ceilings

If you have dark or wooden ceilings, this can immediately make your space feel more dark and more cavernous than it actually is. Painting your ceilings white can help brighten up your space and make the space feel big and airy.

Using a light color, like white, on your ceiling will make all of the rooms in your apartment seem taller.

This white paint will also help to reflect even more of the natural light throughout your space, which should brighten up your design even further.

White paint works particularly well if you have wooden ceilings, as this will be a very noticeable contrast between the deep, warm wood tones; and the crisp, clean white paint color. This will also make the room feel new and updated.

If you really want to go all in and brighten up a certain room as much as possible, you could always go for an all-white look.

This means that all the walls, trim and the ceiling will be painted in the same shade of white, to create a truly striking, yet neutral backdrop for your room.

This monotone look will not work in all spaces, but you can achieve the same brightening look, albeit to a lesser extent, by using light accessories, such as window treatments and rugs, if the all-white look is not for you or your space.

How to choose the right white paint for your apartment

All white paint colors may appear the same, but be aware, not all white paint is the same and there are various minute differences between each shade.

These minor differences could be the reason why a certain white paint does not work for your space or design, while the next could work perfectly to brighten up your space.

Very few white paint colors can be considered to be a truly pure white, and chances are, a pure white color will make your room feel stark and unwelcoming anyway.

White paint colors can vary from mentioned stark, cool white, to yellowy, creamy whites, and everything in between.

The trick to choosing the right white color for your apartment will be selecting an undertone that works in your space, and then finding a white paint in this category.

Finding the right undertone for your perfect white paint color will largely depend on two factors, namely, your personal preference and the lighting in the room.

When it comes to your personal and design style preference, the answer should be fairly easy to find. This depends on whether you gravitate naturally to warmer or cooler tones.

Choosing a color that matches your personal preference, guarantees that this undertone will match a lot of the décor and design elements that you already have in your apartment and make the color more enticing to you, in general.

However, even if you like the color, the lighting in a room can drastically affect the way that the paint color actually looks once it is in the room, on the walls.

North-facing rooms usually have cool-toned light, which means that warm-toned white paint can really help to warm up the room.

South-facing rooms, on the other hand, have very warm, intense natural light, which can make warm-toned whites seem too creamy and yellow.

It is important to consider all of these factors when you are choosing the right paint color for your space, otherwise you might end up with a white color that just does not look right in your space.

Why white paint may not be working in your space

When a white paint color is just not looking right in your room, but you are sure that you have matched the undertones correctly to the direction of your room, it is important to remember that white paint cannot create light, it only reflects the light that is already in the room.

Therefore, a white paint color will not be able to drastically change the brightness of a room on its own.

It also means that a white paint color can reflect some of the other prominent colors, like a green tree outside your window or a red brick house across the street, and this may make the color appear slightly off.

Final thoughts

Adding mirrors and splashes of color to your apartment can help to brighten up the room, but adding white paint on the walls, ceiling or trim can really help reflect as much light as possible, for a bright all-over glow.

It is important to remember that even a light, neutral color, like white, can have undertones or reflect other colors in your room, so it is important to choose a shade of white paint that works with your lighting and personal style.