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Will Veronica be able to survive in Port Protection Alaska?

Veronica is a Port Protection Alaska newcomer, and some fans are worried that she will not be able to survive on this remote island.

The first season of the extreme survival docuseries, Port Protection Alaska, which explores the lives of the residents of this quaint census-designated place (CDP), premiered all the way back in 2015.

Over the years, viewers have seen the Port Protection Alaska cast go through incredible feats to make their unique off-the-grid lifestyle work. They have also seen many cast members come and go from the island.

Life in Port Protection is often more difficult than it seems

To many viewers, life in Port Protection – surrounded by the beautiful Alaskan scenery and far away from the stresses of city life – may seem quite idyllic.

But as we have seen countless times on the show in the last few years, this remote lifestyle also comes with a few drawbacks.

For most of the island’s residents, living in Port Protection, means doing all of your own maintenance on your home and machinery, gathering your own firewood, hunting for, fishing for and growing your own food. It also means constantly worrying about the encroaching Alaskan winter.

And while Veronica Arrants (one of the show’s newest cast members) may have some deep ties to Port Protection, she is still relatively new to this type of off-the-grid lifestyle.

As a result, many viewers of the show are concerned that she may not be able to make it in this cold wilderness for much longer.

Veronica’s unique road to Port Protection

According to the most recent Census data, there are currently less than 40 full-time residents living in Port Protection.

And the people who have called this remote island (which is only accessible by boat) their home over the course of the last decade-or-so ended up there for a variety of reasons.

In Veronica’s case, she found her way to this faraway island about two years ago to help care for her aunt Litzi Botello (who has since passed away).

And, while Litzi’s partner (Veronica’s uncle) has chosen not to share his life with the Port Protection Alaska cameras, Veronica quickly followed in her aunt’s footsteps and joined the show’s cast.

All in all, her run on Port Protection Alaska (so far) can be summarized as follows:

Port Protection Alaska season Number of episodes in the season Premiere date
Season 8 16 January 10, 2023
Season 9 10 March 6, 2024

Other Port Protection Alaska cast members who have left the show

There are certainly many different reasons why the residents of Port Protection end up in the area, but there are also a ton of different reasons why cast members have left the island (and the show).

Multiple former cast members, including fan-favorites like Amanda and Timbi, left the show when they moved out of the area. Of course, Veronica’s aunt Litzi and Gary, both passed away in of the last few years.

And we only just saw the other Port Protection Alaska newcomer, Mary, leave her life on this remote island behind in the most recent season nine finale episode.

There have always been many parallels drawn between Mary and Veronica, since they are both fairly new to the off-the-grid life, and both needed help with learning survival skills, such as fishing, hunting, tree-felling and more. In fact, the two even moved in together at one point.

Veronica’s Port Protection support system

However, while Veronica may be a relative Port Protection newbie, she certainly has had an easier start than most of the residents when they first arrived at the island.

Veronica reportedly inherited Litzi’s home after her passing and we know from the show’s most recent seasons that her uncle also gave her a boat (and taught her how to use it).

So while Veronica still has a rather long way to go before she can be considered a true Port Protection local, she has already made a few great strides towards settling down in the area.

The ladies of Port Protection have also taken Veronica under their wings, and they have shown her how to go about gathering firewood.

What the future holds for Veronica and Port Protection Alaska

Port Protection Alaska has not yet been officially renewed for another season, though, unofficially it seems like season 10 may already be filmed and edited.

And though there have been doubts about whether Veronica might follow in Mary’s (and so many others’) footsteps and not return to the show for the next season – rumor has it that she is still residing in Port Protection and is still working towards building up her survival skills.

The future of Port Protection Alaska explained – 2024 and beyond