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Will Mud Madness be renewed for season 2?

Mud Madness has not been renewed yet – but, there is still hope that it will return for a second season.

Serendipitously finding a new show to watch on your favorite television channel or streaming service can be a great way to spend your free time.

But the world of television and streaming can be incredibly volatile – and there is often just no telling whether a show will be brought back for another season or not.

Discovery’s new high-octane show, Mud Madness follows some of the biggest personalities in the highly competitive world of mud racing.

In the show, they compete to earn their spot on the fall racing circuit’s brag-worthy leader board – and of course, their share of the half a million dollars in prize money.

The future of Mud Madness

Mud Madness has been thousands of viewers’ introduction to the high-stakes, high-drama and mostly, very dangerous world of mud racing.

But, as many of the racers featured in the first season of the show will tell you – once that mud bug bites – it is difficult to let it go.

The first season of Mud Madness has now come to an end after six episodes of action-packed mud racing (and lots and lots of smack-talking) – do not worry, we will not give away any details about how the season ended.

But fans who have felt the mud bug’s bite are already wondering about the possibility of a second season. At this stage, Mud Madness has still not officially been renewed for a second season.

However, after examining the show’s ratings and viewership numbers – as well as the racers’ willingness to return – we think there is a good chance that Mud Madness will return for a second lap around the track before long.

All about Mud Madness season 1

The first season of this now popular show, can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
Series premiere date April 6, 2024
  1. “One Nation Under Mud”
  2. “Ridin’ Dirty at Rednecks”
  3. “Smash and Drag”
  4. “All’s Fair in Mud and War”
  5. “Blood Is Thicker Than Mud”
  6. “Shut Up and Send It”
Timeslot The first season of Mud Madness aired live on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT
Availability The Mud Madness season one episodes aired live on Discovery Channel and are available to stream on Max
Production Mud Madness season one was produced by Original Productions

Examining Mud Madness season 1’s ratings and viewership

Networks like Warner Bros. Discovery often consider a wide array of factors before they decide to cancel or renew a show.

But while things like budget, time-constraints, scheduling and production costs certainly play a part in this decision – ratings and viewership numbers are still some of the most reliable factors in determining whether a show like Mud Madness should be renewed for another season.

When Mud Madness first premiered, the show brought in about 356,000 viewers (with a rating of 0.06) and by the time that the season one finale episode aired on May 15, the show was still bringing in about 322,00 viewers.

It also had a rating of 0.07 and had climbed to the 62nd spot on SpoilerTV’s Tuesday Daily Cable Ratings.

These viewership numbers do not necessarily look stellar on their own, but it does make Mud Madness one of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows.

And it puts the show just behind the long-running Discovery Channel show, Moonshiners, which brings in over 500,000 viewers per episode (on average).

What the show’s stars have to say

At this point, it seems like not even the stars of Mud Madness season one, know what the show’s future holds.

However, this does not mean that they will not come back if the opportunity presents itself.

In fact, Megan Rion, the pink-haired racer who starred in the first season of the show, has already urged fans to “Share away to keep watching that last episode,” in an attempt to “hopefully” get the show renewed for another season.

What to expect if Mud Madness does return for a second season

Since Warner Bros. Discovery has not yet announced any plans to bring Mud Madness back for another season, there has been no indication of what the second season might entail.

However, since Mud Madness made such a splash during its first go-around, it is fair to assume that they will not change the show’s format too much.

Although, the Mud Madness team may still decide to include some new racers (or get rid of a few of the season one stars) in order to keep things fresh and interesting, if the show returns for a second season.

Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?