Will Animal Cribs ever return for another season?

Animal Cribs’ host, Antonio Ballatore, confirmed that the show has been cancelled and will not return for another season.

Although we all hope for our favorite television shows to return for another season every year, television renewals are much more complicated than they seem on the surface.

Most networks consider good ratings and viewership numbers above all else. But popular shows can still end up on the chopping block if they are too expensive or too complicated to make, if their stars have other scheduling conflicts, or even if they interfere with the general direction that the network is moving in.

Has Animal Cribs been cancelled?

It is not always clear exactly why a show has been cancelled (or even when the decision was made not to bring a certain show back for another season).

In the case of Animal Planet’s Animal Cribs, for instance, the show simply did not return to television after its much-anticipated second season.

And it was left up to the show’s longtime host, Antonio Ballatore, to clarify on his Instagram account that “Unfortunately Animal Cribs is no longer” in October 2022, and this was about three years after season two’s finale first aired.

Will Animal Cribs ever return for another season?

Animal Cribs in a nutshell

But just because Animal Cribs will likely not be returning to television with any new content anytime soon, it does not mean that you cannot re-watch and enjoy all of the show’s old episodes.

All in All, Animal Cribs aired a total of 19 episodes over the course of its first (and only) two seasons. These episodes can be outlined as follows:

Season Initial air dates Episodes
Season 1 November 3, 2017, to December 22, 2017
  1. “Tricked Out Cat Castle”
  2. “A Backyard to Drool For”
  3. “Ultimate Manimal Cave”
  4. “Condo Cat Creation”
  5. “Football Pup Palace”
  6. “Senior Dog’s Decked Out Dorm”
  7. “Superfly Parrot Palace”
  8. “Ultimate Builds”
  9. “Fluffy Fixer Pupper”
Season 2 March 1, 2019, to April 27, 2019
  1. “Dog Town, USA”
  2. “Chinchilla Chill Pad”
  3. “Backyard Barnyard”
  4. “Cat Build Gone Wild”
  5. “Pygmy Goat Playground”
  6. “Subterranean Paradise”
  7. “Pot-Bellied Pig Palace”
  8. “Bunny Beach Bungalow”
  9. “Dragons’ Den”
  10. “Rescue Ranch Remodel”

Animal Cribs is still available to watch, in its entirety, on an array of platforms, including Discovery+, fuboTV, The Roku Channel, tubi, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu, Google Play, Apple TV and more.

What Antonio Ballatore has been up to since Animal Cribs ended

Animal Cribs was certainly a passion project for the longtime builder and set designer, Ballatore, but it was certainly not his first foray into the world of television.

And Ballatore actually gained notoriety through other shows like HGTV’s Design Star and The Antonio Treatment before he was approached for this one-of-a-kind pet design show.

Although Ballatore has kept his television appearances to a minimum after Animal Cribs’ second season aired (except for appearing in the 2022 docuseries Nightly Affirmations), his Instagram page does reveal that he has retained his love for animal welfare.

Moreover, Animal Cribs fans should be more than happy to hear that Ballatore’s three dogs, Eddith, Gigi and Paolo, were all still doing well when he posted a sweet snap of the three in October of 2023.

Will Animal Cribs ever return for another season?
© Antonio Ballatore / Instagram

What happened to Antonio Ballatore’s Born With A Tail?

If you were an avid Animal Cribs fan back in the day, you may know that Ballatore partnered with the show to create his very own brand of themed apparel, accessories and more, called “Born With A Tail.”

Sadly, it seems like Ballatore’s work with Born With A Tail has taken a step back since Animal Cribs was cancelled, as the brand’s social media pages have not been updated in over three years.

However, the brand’s website is still active and it seems like you can still purchase some of the specially-designed apparel today.

New Animal Planet shows that will be airing in 2024

While you will not be able to catch new episodes of Animal Cribs on Animal Planet in the future, the channel has announced plans for a whole lot of new content which is all set to premiere in 2024.

This includes a brand-new season of called Yellowstone Wardens, which is set to premiere on March 17, 2024, and will follow the dedicated conservation officers in Montana as they continue their crusade to defend public land, put an end to poaching and more.

Other hit shows like Deadliest Catch, Lone Star Law, Pit Bulls and Parolees, The Zoo, Tanked, River Monsters and more, will also be on the rotation for Animal Planet in the first half of 2024.