Why you should not believe the rumors that Jessica is leaving Expedition X

There have been a few rumors circulating since the conclusion of Expedition X season seven, but there is no real evidence to support Jessica’s exit from the show.

The super spooky and incredibly high-risk finale episode of Expedition X season seven premiered just a few months ago on March 27, 2024.

And since not much time has passed since we saw the Expedition X hosts, Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres put it all on the line to investigate the UFO-sightings in Fukushima, Discovery Channel has not yet announced whether it will be bringing this popular extraterrestrial series back for another season or not.

What is happening to Expedition X?

For the past couple of months, Expedition X has been stuck in this sort of purgatory where shows go to await the news of their fate for the upcoming season. They do not get so much as an official hint or clue as to what might happen in the near future.

Unfortunately, this has led to a lot of speculation – not only about what may be on the cards for the future of Expedition X – but, also that Jessica Chobot (one half of Expedition X’s dynamic mystery-solving duo) may not return alongside Phil if the show does return for another season.

However, while this rumor has caused widespread outrage all across the social media channels, there has not been any real confirmation that Jessica intends to leave the show anytime soon.

Expedition X’s most recent season

Before we dive into what might lie ahead for the future of Expedition X, it may be time to take a look back at the show’s most recent season that only just finished airing.

Expedition X season seven can be summarized as follows:

Episode Title Initial air date
Episode 1 Transylvanian Terror February 7, 2024
Episode 2 “Killer Sasquatch” February 14, 2024
Episode 3 “Death Island” February 21, 2024
Episode 4 Secrets of Mackinac February 28, 2024
Episode 5 “Ghosts of WW2” March 6, 2024
Episode 6 “Beasts of Britain” March 13, 2024
Episode 7 “Niagara Nightmare” March 20, 2024
Episode 8 Nuclear UFOs March 27, 2024

Examining Jessica’s most recent posts on social media

While the internet has been buzzing with rumors that Jessica may not be returning to Expedition X in future seasons, it is important to keep in mind that none of this chatter is coming from the paranormal expert herself.

In fact, not only has Jessica never publicly announced that she is leaving the show, but she actually publicly thanked everyone who worked on the previous season of the show in a TikTok video.

It is probably also worth noting that there does not seem to be any bad blood between her and Phil.

And these two longtime Expedition X hosts even reminisced on Instagram recently about an intense moment on set when Phil had to reset one of the crew member’s shoulder in the middle of filming.

Jessica is working on some other projects during the off-season

While we wait for the official word on whether Expedition X will return for another season (and which of the show’s hosts will be reprising their roles) Jessica has been keeping busy with new projects throughout the world.

A quick glance at Jessica’s social media pages reveals that she has been to quite a few destinations since the filming of Expedition X season seven concluded, including Pennsylvania, Michigan, London, and Amsterdam (just to name a few).

And while it is evident that many of her travels include some element of paranormal investigation or general mystery, she did confirm in the comment section of a recent Instagram post that they are not filming new content for Expedition X yet.

Will Expedition X be renewed for another season?

Although Expedition X has yet officially been renewed for another season yet, there is no doubt that the show will return to our screens at some point in the future.

For a start, Expedition X is still one of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows. By the time that the season seven finale episode aired, Expedition X was still garnering over 800,000 viewers (with a 0.08 rating in the 18 to 49 demographic).

This places the show firmly in the top 50 of the Daily Cable Ratings (as per SpoilerTV) and makes it the only Discovery Channel show to make the top 100 at the time.

As an additional bonus, it seems like Phil is already planning for the next season, as this longtime Expedition X host teased that he was “On the water, or in the water…” in Scotland looking for one of the world’s “most lovable mysteries”.

So it seems like Expedition X fans can look forward to seeing an investigation into the elusive Loch Ness Monster very soon.