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Why there might be more Life Below Zero to come in 2024

Life Below Zero’s 22nd season has just finished airing, but the show will likely return with a new season before the end of 2024.

It is easy to fall into a lull when a season of your favorite show concludes. Especially when the show is as beautiful and exciting as National Geographic’s extreme survival show, Life Below Zero.

Life Below Zero’s renewal

This critically-acclaimed docuseries has now been airing for well over a decade and has just finished airing its 22nd season.

But even though it has only been a few days since the Life Below Zero season 22 finale first aired – millions of fans worldwide are already itching for new content.

As it stands, National Geographic has not yet officially announced whether they are planning to bring Life Below Zero back for another round of good-old Alaskan winter fun or not.

But since Life Below Zero is still one of the channel’s most popular shows – there is really no doubt that this popular series and all of its tougher-than-nails cast members will return to the small screen before long.

When will Life Below Zero return for another season?

Although the return of Life Below Zero as not been officially confirmed, we can make a few educated guesses on when season 23 will start airing, based on how the previous seasons of the show aired in the past.

The premieres of all the show’s previous seasons can be outlined as follows:

Life Below Zero season Premiere date
Season 1 May 19, 2013
Season 2 October 29, 2013
Season 3 April 17, 2014
Season 4 November 11, 2014
Season 5 April 9, 2015
Season 6 November 24, 2015
Season 7 April 7, 2016
Season 8 October 18, 2016
Season 9 July 13, 2017
Season 10 January 1, 2018
Season 11 September 18, 2018
Season 12 December 11, 2018
Season 13 September 24, 2019
Season 14 December 10, 2019
Season 15 September 7, 2020
Season 16 November 10, 2020
Season 17 September 6, 2021
Season 18 November 16, 2021
Season 19 September 5, 2022
Season 20 November 15, 2022
Season 21 September 4, 2023
Season 22 November 14, 2023

When Life Below Zero first started airing, the show typically averaged two seasons per year – with one season airing in the beginning of the year and one near the end of the year.

However, the more recent seasons of the show have typically aired in quick succession in September and then November of every year.

Since the show’s most recent season started airing in November of 2023, there is a very good chance that season 23 could start airing as soon as September of 2024 if the show stays true to this newer pattern.

Will Life Below Zero be renewed for another season?

Television networks consider a wide range of factors when they are deciding whether or not to bring our favorite shows back for another season.

This includes things like budgetary requirements, production costs, scheduling conflicts – and above all – the show’s ratings and viewership numbers.

Fortunately for fans waiting on the Life Below Zero renewal confirmation – this show has always been one of National Geographic’s biggest hits.

Not only has Life Below Zero won eight Primetime Emmy Awards throughout its now 22-season run, but according to data captured by USTVB the show was still bringing in more than 1 million viewers when season 22 first premiered in 2023.

Which cast members will return if the show is renewed?

Since Life Below Zero season 23 has yet to receive an official renewal announcement, many of this season’s details remain unknown. This includes season 23’s official list of returning cast members.

But it is fair to assume that most of the show’s main cast members, including Andy Bassich, Erik Salitan, Chip Hailstone, Agnes Hailstone and more will return if and when the show is brought back.

Sue Aikens has also confirmed that she is recovering well after her recent surgery – so, it seems like she will be returning for season 23, as well.

What will season 23 of Life Below Zero be about?

If the previous 22 seasons of Life Below Zero has taught us anything about life in Alaska, it is that you can never quite predict what will happen next.

In many ways, this is also true for the docuseries that has followed the unpredictable lives of the people hunting, sheltering and trying to survive in this part of the world.

But while we may not be able to predict what will happen to the Life Below Zero cast members next – viewers of the show can certainly expect to see more daring survival skills, creative feats of ingenuity and even life-threatening situations if the show does return for another season.