Why the camera loves Mud Madness’s Josh Carmon

Josh Carmon made waves on the first season of Mud Madness, but there is much more to this racer than meets the eye.

If there is one idea that Discovery’s new docuseries, Mud Madness, has driven home (pun intended) – it is that mud racing attracts its fair share of big, bold personalities.

The first season (for now) of Mud Madness followed professional mud racers from all over the country as they competed in the fall mud-racing circuit.

Besides the almost half a million dollars in prize-money up for grabs, these racers also compete for the oh-so important bragging rights that come with each deserved win.

The fascinating life of Josh Carmon

One of the biggest and boldest personalities of all the racers on the first season of Mud Madness is that of Josh Carmon.

Carmon – complete with his signature “moo-lay” – has certainly become one of Mud Madness’s most divisive cast members in this first season.

And while we have seen plenty of his racing during these first six episodes, the show has not exposed much about his personal life.

Though, as it turns out, Carmon is just as unpredictable and multi-faceted in his free time as he is when he is racing through the mud for first place.

And though he is perhaps now most well-known for being Bryce’s arch-enemy on Mud Madness, he has also starred in another well-known show.

And when he is not showing off for the cameras in one way or another, Carmon splits most of his off-screen time between being a chiropractor and being the owner of an off-road park.

Mud Madness is not Josh’s first experience filming for a docuseries

If you tuned in for that first episode of Mud Madness, in which Carmon shared a little bit about his mud racing history and dreams and you thought to yourself “this guy seems more than comfortable in front of the cameras” – you would have been entirely correct.

And while he has made quite the splash as one of Mud Madness’s many big personalities – he actually had some prior filming experience when he signed on to this show.

Evidently, Carmon’s competitive streak must run deep, because his small-screen career actually started with a reality competition documentary which was released in 2023. All in all, Carmon’s discography (to date) is as follows:

Show Initial release dates Platform
Squid Game: The Challenge November 22, 2023, to December 6, 2023 Netflix
Mud Madness April 9, 2024, to May 14, 2024 Discovery Channel and Max

Josh’s life as a chiropractor

The day-jobs of the racers in the first season of Mud Madness range from social media star to so-called off-road rappers.

In case you missed it, when Carmon is not busy racing through the mud on weekends, he earns a living as a chiropractor – ironically, specializing in the treatment of, among other ailments, whiplash.

Carmon’s Chiropractic practice is called Advanced Health and Wellness Chiropractic and is located in St. Louis, where Carmon lives when he is not travelling  the country competing in various mud-racing events.

The practice’s website reveals that Carmon “specializes in providing gentle, safe, and effective chiropractic treatment for a wide variety of conditions.”

He has training in diversified, Logan Basic, Cox Flexion Distraction, A.R.T., Thompson, Pro-Adjuster, Activator and more.

Josh’s mud racing course

The Mud Madness racers all entered this fall mud racing circuit with different dreams in mind.

And besides beating Bryce, Carmon’s goal for the season was to proving that he had the potential to be the part-owner of Pike’s Off-road Park. (Spoiler alert – make sure that you finish the entire first season, before you return to this article)

In the end, Josh ended the first season as the proud owner of Pike’s Off-road Park in Bowling Green, Missouri. Moreover, a quick glance at Josh’s Facebook page shows that he is still heavily involved in the promotion of the business to this day.

Will Josh return for another season of Mud Madness?

Carmon obviously loves being in front of the cameras – be it competing for his share of over $4 million in prize-money on Squid Game: The Challenge or driving through the bounty holes on Mud Madness.

He has already expressed some interest in returning to the mud races if the show does return for a second season.

Mud Madness has not been renewed for a second season yet. However, Carmon and some of the show’s other racers, have said that they expect to hear from the producers about the show’s future, very soon.

And since Carmon was one of the show’s most successful competitors, there is a good chance that he will be asked to return when the time comes.

Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?