Why did Scorpion end so badly?

Although Scorpion does technically have a last episode, many fans felt like it did not really feel like a series finale and that it was likely unplanned.

Scorpion made a name for itself on CBS because the show centred on a group of geniuses who worked to save lives.

However, by the time that its fourth season aired, viewership had declined. After Scorpion was cancelled, the last episode of this season ended up being the unplanned finale of the show.

What was Scorpion all about?

Scorpion was a drama that originally aired on CBS all the way back in 2014. Unlike other similar shows at the time, Scorpion had a team of genius mathematicians, psychiatrists, and engineers that worked together to solve complex problems in order to save lives.

Kelly Kahl, the CBS Primetime executive vice president at the time, referred to the show as being the drama version of the network’s other big hit, The Big Bang Theory. She went on to say that that the network expected big things from the series.

Did Scorpion get a finale?

However, even though the first season of this show managed to live up to these lofty expectations in the beginning, the viewership of the show dwindled as the years went by. Unfortunately, the series was eventually cancelled by the network.

The fourth season of Scorpion premiered three years after the first on 25 September 2017, and the last episode of this season, which also turned out to be the last episode of the series, aired on 16 April 2018.

However, CBS announced that they would be cancelling the series only a short while thereafter on 12 May 2018.

Although the show’s creators and actors likely knew that the show’s declining ratings and viewership would eventually result in  its cancellation, it is unclear whether they knew that they were filming the final season of the series while they were filming it.

This is because as it was only officially cancelled after the fourth season had already aired.

Although big shows often end on cliffhangers with many questions still left unanswered, many of the Scorpion fans who stuck around for the fourth season of the series were disappointed by the way the show ended and felt like they wanted more of a resolution for the narrative as a whole.

So although Scorpion technically does have a final episode in the form of the 22nd episode of the fourth season, called “A Lie in the Sand”, the episode did not really feel like a series finale because it was not planned that way from the beginning.

Why was Scorpion cancelled?

When the first episode of Scorpion aired in 2014, the show garnered over 13 million viewers. By the end of this first season, Scorpion was still going strong with an average of over 10 million viewers throughout the entire season.

However, by the time that the now final episode of Scorpion aired in 2018, only 5.1 million viewers tuned in to watch the series.

This gradual decline in popularity, alongside other reasons like production costs and scheduling conflicts, is likely why CBS ultimately decided that Scorpion would not be renewed for a fifth season.

How did the cast react to Scorpion being cancelled?

Even though the cast, crew, and production of Scorpion did not necessarily know that the season four finale would be the last episode of the show, many of them must have known that the series’ declining ratings would eventually get the show cancelled.

However, this does not mean that they were not sad to find out that the show would not be renewed after its fourth season.

Moreover, several cast members, including Katherine McPhee and Robert Patrick, took to social media to thank the team behind the show and the fans after the cancellation was announced.

Will Scorpion ever come back?

Initially, when the show’s cancellation  was just announced, die-hard fans pleaded with the Netflix streaming service to pick up the show.

However, even though this idea seemed somewhat promising at the time, now that over four years have passed and Paramount+ has become a more significant competitor in the streaming platform arena, it is unlikely that Netflix will decide to produce a fifth season of the series after all.

Some fans even created a Change.org petition to try and prove that there was enough of a fanbase to renew the show for a fifth season, but there have not really been any recent developments in this regard.

Unfortunately, after all of these failed attempts and following the poor reception of the final season, it is very unlikely that Scorpion will ever come back for a fifth season.