White paint colors that are popular in 2024

Some of the most popular white paint colors in 2024 are classic white paint color choices and trendy cool and warm toned white paint shades.

White paint colors have remained a popular choice throughout the years because of their versatility and timelessness.

Even in 2024, there is a wide range of classic white paint colors, as well as trendy cool and warm-toned white paint colors that can help you create your perfect color scheme.

Why is white paint so popular?

Although interior design color trends change and turn over time, there are certain classic color choices that have stood the test of time. White paint has always been a classic choice on walls, trim, and the exterior of homes.

White paint is a popular choice because the color is neutral enough to be the perfect backdrop for most interior design schemes and its lightness and brightness can also make your space feel larger.

Because of this, white paint is a timeless choice when it comes to interior design, since it is unlikely that it will ever go out of style.

Popular white paint colors in 2024

Even though white is such a popular paint color, not all white paints are created equally.

When you are choosing a white paint shade for your design, it is important to understand that even though white paint colors may look plain and simple, there are many complex, though subtle, variations between one white paint color and the next.

The undertones, brand, finishes, and coverage of white paint shades differ, and this is why it is a good idea to consult the most popular white paints for 2024 so far, as this is a good indication that these white shades perform well and look great once the space is finished.

This is why it is also important to consider white paints that have always been popular amongst interior designers, contractors, and homeowners over the years, so that you can be sure that the quality, finish, and final look of the paint that you choose will not be compromised.

Modern and trendy, popular white paints have warm undertones, with hints of tan and cream or cooler undertones, with blue and green hues mixed in.

One of the most important considerations you should make when it comes to choosing the right white paint color is making sure that the undertones of the white harmonises with the undertones in the other design elements of your space.

It is that you plan your design in advance, before you buy your white paint color.

White paint colors that are popular in 2024 and have been popular for years

Since white paint colors are such a timeless choice, most paint brands have a variety of white paint shades in their catalogues.

This can make it difficult to choose a shade that is just the right shade for your design, especially since they all look so similar in the store.

To simplify this decision, it is a good idea to narrow down your search to include only white paint colors that have been a popular choice for years, as this will ensure that the color you choose is a classic and stylish choice.

Name Brand Color code Color swatch
White Dove Benjamin Moore OC-17
Snowbound Sherwin-Williams SW 7004
Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore OC-65

Popular white paint colors with warm undertones

White paint colors that have warm undertones are always a popular choice, as they can make a room feel light, bright, and airy, but they still ensure that the space has a subtle warmth.

Warm undertones ensure that a white paint color does not feel too stark in a space, but too much warmth, on the other hand, can also make the white paint look muddy.

This is why it is important to consider all the elements in your space before you choose your favorite white paint shade. Some of the most popular warm white shades for 2024 include:

Name Brand Color code Color swatch
Swiss Coffee Benjamin Moore OC-45
Alabaster Sherwin-Williams SW 7008
Flour White Sherwin-Williams SW 7102
Whisper Dunn-Edwards 2740
Silos White Magnolia Home JG-107

Popular white paint colors with cool undertones

Choosing a white paint color with cool undertones can help you achieve a crisp and clean appearance throughout your design.

Some of the most popular cool white paint shades in 2024 are:

Name Brand Color code Color swatch
Strong White Farrow and Ball 2001
Extra White Sherwin-Williams SW 7006
Distant Gray Benjamin Moore OC-68
Origami White Sherwin-Williams SW 7636
All White Farrow and Ball 2005