Which Sherwin-Williams paint is eggshell?

There are many different products in the Sherwin-Williams interior paints range that come in an eggshell finish, including enamel, latex and water-based paint.

Choosing the finish of your paint is often just as important as choosing the color. It is this element that will make your design stand out.

Sherwin-Williams offers a variety of paints within the brand’s product line. This includes the Emerald Designer Edition Interior Latex Paint, Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex, Scuff Tuff Interior Waterbased Enamel and Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex, which are all available in an eggshell finish.

The importance of choosing the right finish for your paint

Choosing the finish of the painted surfaces in your space is likely only one of many decisions that you will have to make when you are decorating or redecorating a space.

Unfortunately, this decision also usually comes just after you have spent a considerable amount of time and energy trying to decide exactly which shade of paint will look best in the space.

However, choosing the finish of your paint is equally as important as choosing the color and will be the last piece of the puzzle that can pull the design together.

Which Sherwin-Williams paint is eggshell?

Though it is easy to only focus on looks when you have to make decisions about paint colors and finishes, it is important to remember that you want the space to look good for a long time. This means that you will need to consider practicality and aesthetics.

This is one of the reasons why an eggshell finish has remained one of the most popular choices over the years.

This finish lies somewhere between a satin and a matte finish and strikes a perfect balance between not being too shiny and being durable enough for use in everyday spaces.

Sherwin-Williams offers several different kinds of paint and many of these paints are available in a few varying finishes. The Sherwin-Williams paints that come in an eggshell finish (or as the brand call it “Eg-Shel”) include the following:

Sherwin-Williams paint for Interiors Average price
Emerald Designer Edition Interior Latex Paint About $112.49 per gallon
Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex About $72.99 per gallon
Scuff Tuff Interior Waterbased Enamel About $101.39 per gallon
Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex About $75.49 per gallon

Sherwin-William’s Eg-Shel finish promises to hold up to frequent cleaning, while providing just the right amount of sheen to keep your space from feeling flat.

All of the paints listed above can be ordered in a variety of Sherwin-Williams’s most popular paint colors.

Why is the eggshell finish so popular?

On a technical level, the paint-resin or binder levels that give a paint finish its sheen are also what makes the paint smooth, durable and easy to clean.

However, while high-sheen paint with a gloss finish may be more durable, it will also highlight any imperfections on the surface. Highly-matte finishes, on the other hand, can hold onto dirt easily and make your design feel drab.

An eggshell finish is the happy medium between these two extremes. Eggshell is a popular choice because the finish has more depth than a flat paint, but can also be used to cover up slight imperfections.

When and where should you use an eggshell paint finish?

Eggshell finishes are most commonly used for the painting of interior walls and other large surfaces. This is also the use that Sherwin-Williams recommends for all of its Eg-Shel finishes.

A glossy paint finish rarely look good on interior walls, even in spaces that have very low light, and an eggshell finish tends to look much more organic and natural.

An eggshell finish works especially well on the walls in spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and studies, where the traffic is slightly less.

What do you use around the eggshell finish?

Once you have figured out the color of paint that you want to use for your next project, which of the Sherwin-Williams Eg-Shel product lines you prefer and the wall that this paint will go on, you may find yourself asking what the best finish is for all of the elements surrounding this wall.

Fortunately, Sherwin-Williams paints have a reputation for being extremely high quality and you are unlikely to have a problem with durability, regardless of which finish you choose.

However, mixing and matching finishes can certainly help you to create some visual interest, even with a fairly neutral design.

Generally, finishes should go from matte to glossy as you work your way down in a space vertically, as outlined below:

Finish Use
Matte Ceilings
Satin Windows, doors, ceilings, trim and other woodwork
Semi-gloss Doors, trim and cabinets
Gloss Cabinets, trim and furniture