Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?

Mud Madness season one is approaching its end, and it seems like Bryce Sparks and Josh Carmon will be battling out until the end.

Discovery’s new show, Mud Madness, follows six professional mud racers from all over the United States as they compete in the fall mud-racing circuit.

The Mud Madness season one finale

And as the first season wraps up this six-episode saga with the “Shut Up and Send It” episode, Mud Madness has just one question on everyone’s minds – which racer will walk away with the biggest cash prize and the bragging rights to say they won the season?

Everything we did (and did not) see on the Mud Madness season one finale

The Mud Madness leader board

The first three episodes of Mud Madness provided a clear leader board which kept track of where each of the show’s racers ranked at the end of every race. These results can be summarized as follows:

Racers Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3
Josh Carmon Earnings: $10,000

Placement: 1st

Earnings: $10,500

Placement: 2nd

Earnings: $17,500

Placement: 2nd

Bryce Sparks Earnings: $7,500

Placement: 2nd

Earnings: $7,500

Placement: 7th

Earnings: $17,500

Placement: 1st

Randi Alicia Earnings: $5,000

Placement: 7th

Earnings: $10,000

Placement: 3rd

Earnings: $10,000

Placement: 7th

Larry “DredBone” Oakes Earnings: $3,000

Placement: 8th

Earnings: Less than $5,000

Placement: Not top ten

Earnings: Less than $6,000

Placement: Not top ten

AJ Robertson Earnings: $5,000

Placement: 10th

Earnings: $15,000

Placement: 4th

Megan Rion Earnings:$ 8,500

Placement: 6th

Earnings: $8,500

Placement: 9th

However, from episode four onwards, the results have become considerably trickier to keep abreast of. Randi beat Megan in the call-out races, but then AJ beat Randi the next day.

This made him $5,000 richer and that much closer to taking out Bryce or Josh (who are the current top two racers).

Megan walked away with a new record at the bounty hole course, which earned her a bonus of $9,000, and Larry ended episode five $6,500 richer.

It seems like episode six will feature a fierce battle for first place between Bryce and Josh, with Josh pulling ahead just slightly at the end of episode five.

Megan and AJ will have to battle it out for third place (though there is still a chance that Randi will replicate her incredible jump from 7th to 3rd on the leader board, like she did earlier in the season).

Is the Bryce Sparks and Josh Carmon rivalry real?

Drawing the line between reality and reality television can be difficult – especially when the personalities, parties and challenges are as over-the-top as they are in Mud Madness.

If you have tuned in to watch the first season of Mud Madness so far, you will already know that there is one high-octane rivalry that has followed two of the Mud Madness racers as far as they go.

Bruce Sparks and Josh Carmon are at the two opposite ends of the mud racing scene, and they disagree on almost every aspect of racing.

While it is possible that this rivalry has been played up slightly for the cameras – towing each other’s’ rigs and bad-mouthing each other in the media makes it personal.

Furthermore, it is likely that the result of the epic Mud Madness season one battle will only fuel this rivalry in the future.

Did the Mud Madness racers know each other before the show?

If there is one thing that the first season of Mud Madness has confirmed, it is that mud racing is just as much about the party as it is about the racing.

As a result, we have seen many of the Mud Madness stars leave their rivalries on the track (except, of course, for Josh and Bryce) in favor of partying it up on the sidelines.

And in turns out that these friendships are truly as complex in real-life as they seem on-screen.

Megan and Randi have been friends for so long that they even hosted a YouTube Live show together, a few years ago.

Larry shared a post of Facebook promoting AJ, and any lengthy scroll through any of the racers’ social media pages will reveal behind-the-scenes photos of them at various mud events with their now Mud Madness co-stars, stretching back years.

Will there be a second season of Mud Madness?

Discovery has not announced any official plans to bring Mud Madness back for a second season yet.

But considering the mud racing frenzy that the first season of this show has caused amongst viewers –there is seemingly a good chance that the show could eventually return for another season of bounty hole, side-by-side and head-to-head fun.

After all, the Mud Madness racers do not seem like they are planning to throw in their mud-stained towels anytime soon.

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