Where the Prison Brides season 1 cast is from

The Prison Brides men are from all over the United States, but the women are from all over the world.

Prison Brides’ first season has been absolutely jam-packed with drama, ranging from long flights and immigration hassles to baby announcements and unconventional living arrangements.

And with so much going on with the seven couples who make up the show’s cast of season one, it can be quite difficult to keep all of the details straight.

All about the Prison Brides season 1 cast

The first season of Lifetime’s Prison Brides follows seven inmates (and now, former inmates) who are incarcerated in different areas throughout the United States.

But the show also follows the seven international women who travel (and even move) from their home countries all across the world in order to be closer to their inmate partners – even if it is just for a few seconds on the opposite sides of bulletproof glass windows.

Breaking down the Prison Brides locations

The first season of Prison Brides officially premiered on January 10, 2024. And the locations of all of the show’s inmates, at the very beginning of the series, can be outlined as follows:

The Prison Brides men

Joseph Grand Rapids, Michigan
Michael Wooster, Ohio
Craig Wichita, Kansas
Curtis Detroit, Michigan
Cage Gatesville, Texas
KJ St Louis, Missouri
Jamal Detroit, Michigan

As for the locations that the Prison Brides season one women hail from, these are as follows:

The Prison Brides women

Svea Dusseldorf, Germany
Erin Brisbane, Australia
Jessica Australia (Jessica was living in Wichita, Kansas at the start of season one)
Emma London, England
Andreea Romania (Andreea was studying in London, England when Prison Brides first started airing)
Olivia London, England
Gabby Lithuania (Gabby was living in Germany at the start of season one)

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How did the Prison Brides couples meet?

It is fairly obvious that the couples who were profiled on Prison Brides’ first season did not meet serendipitously at a bar, club or at a party, the way regular couples usually do.

Instead, most of the couples who shared their stories on the show met through various prison pen pal programs.

There are many different kinds of online prison pen pal platforms and not all of the Prison Brides season one cast have shared which programs they used to communicate at the beginning of their relationships.

However, Andreea let it slip during her introduction on the show that she met Cage through the very popular WriteAPrisoner platform.

And Olivia has also recently encouraged her followers to reach out to a prisoner looking for pen pals via the JPay platform, which is another popular way for prisoners to make friends (and love connections) whilst they are behind bars.

Where the Prison Brides season 1 cast is from

The Prison Brides Cast: Where in the world are they now?

Quite a few months have passed since Prison Brides’ season one finale episode was filmed, and as a result, it may be time to recap where all of the Prison Brides cast members are living now, as follows:

The Prison Brides couples Where they are now
Joseph and Svea Joseph continues to live in Michigan, while Svea has returned to Germany.
Michael and Erin Michael has been arrested again, and Erin reportedly has plans to return to Australia once she has finished testifying in his trial.
Craig and Jessica Craig has found himself in some legal trouble in Kansas, and it seems like Jessica has now returned back home to Australia.
Curtis and Emma Curtis and Emma are currently living together in Michigan.
Cage and Andreea Cage is still incarcerated in Kansas, and it seems like Andreea still travels from London to see him.
KJ and Olivia It seems like KJ and Olivia have now settled in together in Michigan.
Jamal and Gabby Jamal is still incarcerated in Michigan, and it seems like Gabby continues to travel back and forth to the United States.

Which Prison Brides couples are still together?

There is no doubt that these incredible distances, and the added complexities of the United States prison system, place a lot of strain on the Prison Brides relationships.

And, sadly, not all of the seven couples who were featured in the first season of the show managed to make it all the way to the end.

As of the end of season one, only a few of the Prison Brides couples were still together. This includes Curtis and Emma and KJ and Olivia, who have seemingly started new journeys together on the outside since the filming of season one wrapped.

It also includes Cage and Andreea, and Jamal and Gabby, who will have to live separately until Cage and Jamal are released from prison.