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Where the Mud Madness really happens

Mud Madness follows the dirty business of various expert off-road racers as they compete in some of the most challenging events all across the United States.

On any regular day, talking about mud would not necessarily be the most exciting or invigorating conversation. But when it comes to Discovery’s new high-octane show, Mud Madness, nothing could be more entertaining.

While mud racing has flown under the radar for many years, there is a large sub-group of American off-roaders who have followed this extreme sport for many years.

This includes the racers who star in the first season of Mud Madness: Megan Rion, Josh Carmon, Bryce Sparks, Randi Alicia, Larry Oakes, AJ Robertson, and more.

What Mud Madness season 1 is all about

Though this show will be many viewers’ first introduction to this down-and-dirty sport, these champion racers are well-prepared to compete in the next season of the mud racing championships. Participants stand a chance to win their share of the more-than $500,000 grand prize.

The first season of Mud Madness follows every detail of this ongoing race for the top and will follow these expert racers as they literally trudge their way through the mud at six, extremely challenging racing events located all over the country, from Texas to Missouri, to battle it out for the all-important cash prizes at each event.

The Mud Madness season 1 airing schedule

The first season of Mud Madness started out with a bang, with the racers already gearing up their custom ATVs (and their best smack-talk) to duke it out in the mud-holes in the very first episode.

New episodes for this season of Mud Madness air on Discovery (and are available to stream on Max, if you have a valid subscription) on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. /8 p.m. CT.

The Mud Madness season one episodes which have aired thus far are as follows:

Mud Madness episode Episode title Initial air date
Episode 1 “One Nation Under Mud” April 10, 2024
Episode 2 “Ridin’ Dirty at Rednecks” April 17, 2024

The filming locations for Mud Madness season 1 (so far)

Unlike most competition reality shows, the fight for Mud Madness supremacy is not limited to one sound-stage at a filming studio.

Instead, this show follows the competing mud racers all around the United States as they compete in various races at some of the most challenging outdoor parks in the world.

The first two challenges of the season and the filming locations for the first two episodes can be summarized as follows:

Mud Madness episode Park Location
Episode 1 Pike’s Off Road Park Bowling Green, Missouri
Episode 2 Rednecks with Paychecks Saint Jo, Texas

When was the first season of Mud Madness filmed?

As most reality television fans know by now, there are often hundreds of hours of footage that get condensed down to the 40-ish minute final-cut content which actually make it to the episode.

And as a result, shows like Mud Madness often take much longer to film than you might expect.

Since the first season of Mud Madness will follow the expert racers through six events, it is fair to assume that these action-packed episodes were filmed over the course of (at the very least) six weeks.

Megan announced on her personal Instagram page on March 16, 2024, that she was officially “Done with filming ‘Mud Madness’ season 1”.

Where the Mud Madness really happens

If we work backwards, this means that the show was likely filmed early in 2024, throughout February and March.

Races that you can expect to see in future Mud Madness episodes

The next episode of Mud Madness, which will be titled “Smash and Drag”, will mark the mid-way point of this first season’s competition.

And the allure of the finish-line getting  closer is bound to motivate the racers to pull out all their best tricks.

Most of the people involved in the first season of Mud Madness have kept the details of the show pretty close to their chests (presumably to keep the winner of the season a secret for as long as possible).

But some of the racers have let a few other filming locations slip on their social media pages.

So while we may not know exactly what is still to come for the rest of Mud Madness season one, we do know that our racers have competed at several events, at tracks like RATS Entertainment Park (in Arkansas), Greasy Bend Off-Road Park (in Arkansas), Cross Bar Offroad Park (in Oklahoma), Hay Days (in Minnesota), Tower Trax (in Louisiana) and more, over the course of the last few months.

So we might just see some of these tracks featured in the next few episodes.

Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?