Where the Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes cast is now

The Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes cast survived a harrowing journey through the Amazon, but it seems like all of them survived it in the end.

The members of Mickey Grosman’s daring expedition through the Amazon had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they departed from the relative comfort and safety of civilization for the first time.

The expedition members now and then

And, the new Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes limited docuseries, (also known as “Expedition from Hell”) has exposed just how dangerous and unpredictable their 5,000 mile journey truly was.

Many of the expedition members have shared their side of the story on Expedition from Hell, but you may still be wondering what this band of rag-tag would-be explorers have been up to since this one-of-a-kind journey had run its course back in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

A roundup of the Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes cast

Chances are that if you have turned in to watch any part of the Expedition from Hell limited series, you have wondered about what happened to these former expedition members after they completed their legs of the journey (or were unceremoniously left in the jungle).

Fortunately, we have seen proof that most of the expedition members, including Mickey, Alex, Kyle and more, made it out alive.

But it seems like even those members who had a more difficult time during the journey have now moved on with their lives. The rundown of the expedition members and what they are doing now is as follows:

Expedition member Where they are now
Mickey Grosman Demolition expert and adventurer
Alexander Hernandez Board member at BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation and Lie Down OR Stand UP!
Kevin Jackson Works at Jackson Signs & T-Shirts
Kyle Ver Steeg Plastic surgeon (and part-time drummer)
Joe Flowers Alive and safe – but current whereabouts are unknown
Robert Finlay Retired, kayaking expert and
Matt Saxman Client relationship manager in the computer industry
Delfin Gualinga Alive and safe – but current whereabouts are unknown
Luciana Figueroa Artist and tour guide

Who remained friends after the expedition?

Expedition from Hell has not made any secret of Grosman’s unconventional, and sometimes downright dangerous, leadership style.

In fact, the show’s director (David Freid) and showrunner (Erin Gamble) even went as far as telling TV Insider that some of the show’s cast members “seemed afraid of getting on the wrong side of Mickey” during their interviews.

However, the cast’s real-life interactions tell an entirely different story. According to one West Orange Times article from 2013, both Kyle Ver Steeg and Alex Hernandez re-joined Grosman for the last 100 miles of this now-infamous 5,000 mile trek.

And even now, years down the line, many of the former expedition members seem to have kept in touch with their former leader.

Grosman posted about a knife that he received as a gift from Kyle recently and he even promoted the former expedition guide, Puke Reniri’s new book on social media.

Alex and Kevin came to Grosman’s defense recently in the comment section of his Facebook page. They stated that “Nothing is easy the first time” and that the show is twisting the narrative by “only showing the bad”.

What is Mickey Grosman doing now?

Mickey Grosman is not only the star (and main character) of his own life and his own documentary.

But he has now emerged as one of the most divisive figures in extreme survivalist history, thanks to the Expedition from Hell limited series.

And while viewers who have watched the first few episodes of the series have questions about all of the expedition members – it is simply impossible to discuss anything Expedition from Hell-related, without discussing the expedition’s leader.

Mickey’s Facebook page reveals that he is still working in demolition to this day, though it is obvious that he is still, what he calls a “Boundless Adventurer” at heart.

He seemingly even traded in the hot and humid jungles of the Amazon for a snowy mountaineering expedition earlier this year.

The last remaining burning questions

While we now have more clarity about what happened to the Expedition from Hell expedition members after Grosman’s cameras finally stopped rolling, there are some burning questions remaining that the show has yet to answer.

This includes questions about whether Delfin and his various local guides ever did get paid and what he is doing now, as well as questions about the two expedition members who ended up “quitting” part-way through the journey.

Not to mention, there are several questions about the last leg of this harrowing journey, where Grosman was apparently imprisoned and faced a bout of the dangerous dengue fever.