Where are the Alaskan Bush People now?

The Brown family has been through a lot in the last few years, but it seems like they are now settling into life in a new state.

The Brown family has been entertaining thousands of viewers with their extreme survival tips, family gatherings and various shenanigans and adventures in the Alaskan wilderness for well over a decade on their show, Alaskan Bush People.

An update on the Brown family’s whereabouts

However, since there is no hint that the show will be returning for a 15th season any time in the near future.

And since it has now been almost two years since any new episodes of Alaskan Bush People aired, many fans are wondering what happened to this unconventional but beloved family.

Unfortunately, Billy Brown, the patriarch of the Brown family passed away unexpectedly at the age of 68 back in 2018.

And though all of the members of the Brown family have since been grieving his death, they all seem to have found other passions to keep them busy while the show remains on ice.

A Brown family roll call

One of the things about Alaskan Bush People that has always fascinated viewers is that Billy and his wife, Ami, managed to raise a large family of nine almost completely off the grid.

However, as time has progressed, the Brown children have started having children of their own. And as a result, the Brown family has now expanded into a veritable Brown clan.

This clan, which is also affectionately known as “the wolf pack” now consists of Ami, her seven children, and eight grandchildren (almost nine), plus a few extra spouses, as is summarized below:

Member of the Brown family Relationship status Children
Matt Brown Single None
Bam Brown In a relationship None
Bear Brown Married (to Raiven Brown) Two children
Gabe Brown Married (to Raquell Rose Brown) Four children
Noah Brown Married (to Rhain Brown) Two children (with a third on the way)
Bird Brown Single None
Rain Brown In a relationship None

What ever happened to Matt Brown?

If you are a longtime Alaskan Bush People fan, you may know that the Browns’ oldest son, Matt Brown, was allegedly fired from the show all the way back in 2014.

However, if you have not been keeping up with the behind-the-scenes drama, then you may not know that Matt’s departure from the show has not exactly been smooth sailing.

Matt shared part of his struggle with addiction before he left the show, and it seems like he is now trying to educate other people who are struggling with their sobriety through his YouTube channel.

However, outside of his continued struggle with addiction and the rift that has formed between Matt and the rest of the Brown family over the years, he seems to be enjoying his life on the farm and his work at the automotive shop.

An update on Ami Brown’s health

The Brown family has been through a lot in the last decade, and Ami, the matriarch of the family, has had to carry most of the burden in the wake of Billy’s death.

Fortunately, it seems like Ami’s health has continued to improve after her initial 2017 lung cancer diagnosis and she seems to be adjusting to life in Washington State just fine.

In fact, Ami recently shared a video to her Instagram page in which where she expressed extreme gratitude towards all of her children and grandchildren (she even gave Matt a special shout-out) for all the support and love that they have shown her in the past few years.

Where are the Alaskan Bush People now?

The new Alaskan Bush People ranch

There is so much happening behind the scenes with the Brown family that it can be difficult to keep track of all the finer details.

This means that if you had not been paying close attention to all the newest developments over the last couple of years, you may have missed the fact that this family has now moved out of Alaska and has relocated to Northern Washington.

The Brown family moved to the 436-acre North Star Ranch in Washington state in 2018 shortly before Billy passed away. And, unfortunately, this move has not been without its obstacles.

Between Billy’s passing and the devastating wildfires that hit the area, the Brown family has struggled to settle into their new home.

In fact, Noah and Ami shared in a video from June 2023 that they were still figuring out how to rebuild all of the major structures that they lost in the fires.

As a result, it seems like not all the members of the Brown family are staying at the North Star Ranch permanently, or at least not yet.