When you can expect to see Bargain Block return to your screen

Bargain Block will be back for another season before 2024 is over, but you will also see Keith and Evan in many other shows in the near future.

The hit HGTV show, Bargain Block, follows designer, Keith Bynum, and carpenter, Evan Thomas as they attempt to revive Detroit neighborhoods one block at a time.

This duo’s unique approach to house flipping sees them buy up entire blocks of forgotten houses, with the intention of transforming them into stunning but affordable homes that come jam-packed with personality.

Everything we know about Bargain Block season 4’s release date

The Bargain Block flipping effort has been so successful thus far that Keith and Evan have sold dozens of homes with the help of their real estate expert, Shea Hicks Whitfield.

And according to a recent post on Keith’s Instagram page, the show has also grown its audience to more than 20 million viewers over the course of its last three seasons.

When you can expect to see Bargain Block return to your screen

This puts Bargain Block in the Top 3 non-news and sports cable shows on television, which explains why HGTV wasted no time bringing it back for yet another round.

It’s official, Bargain Block will be returning for an all-new fourth season with Keith, Evan and Shea tackling a brand new set of well-loved homes.

And while we do not have the exact release date for this exciting new season just yet, we do know that it will premiere sometime in the fall of 2024.

Rumors and speculation

It seems like Keith, Evan and Shea are keeping most of the details for the upcoming fourth season of Bargain Block tightly under wraps for now.

But that does not stop us from speculating about when this new season will be hitting the air.

The first three seasons of Bargain Block have not kept to a predictable airing schedule, and have aired rather sporadically, as is shown below:

Season Premiere date Conclusion date
Season 1 April 14, 2021 June 9, 2021
Season 2 June 8, 2022 August 23, 2023
Season 3 August 30, 2023 November 1, 2023

 But since we do know that season four will premiere in the fall of 2024, we can safely assume that it will air similarly to the most recent season, and that it could be hitting our screens by the start of September (especially since Keith, Evan and Shea have already started hosting new open houses).

When you can expect to see Bargain Block return to your screen

Our predictions for Bargain Block season 4

The Bargain Block fan-favorites, Keith, Evan and Shea are all seemingly returning for the fourth season of Bargain Block.

And although the team will likely be expanding their horizons somewhat in these ten new episodes, they will still be working their house-flipping magic in the Detroit area.

And while there is really no telling where Keith’s creativity will take him when he is faced with a new block of neglected homes, we do know that this season will feature even more of the creative DIY solutions and excellent practical designs that the Bargain Block team has become so well-known for in the last couple of years.

Where you can catch Keith and Evan in the meantime

Although you will have to wait a couple of months before Bargain Block will makes its return to television, you will be able to catch a glimpse of Keith and Evan’s incredible home-design handiwork in the new season of the other popular HGTV show, Rock the Block, in the meantime.

Rock the Block season five will premiere on March 4, 2024, and this time, the competition is all about redemption.

Keith and Evan will not be the only returning Rock the Block competitors who are entering the competition in this new season.

They will be joined by Bryan and Sarah (from Renovation Island), Lyndsay and Leslie (from Unsellable Houses), as well as Page and Mitch (from Fix My Flip), who are all returning to the competition for a second time.

Everything you need to know about the new Bargain Block spin-off

It seems like Keith and Evan will be quite busy over the next couple of months, as HGTV has also announced a new Bargain Block spin-off, which will be premiering very soon.

Bargain Block: New Orleans will see our favorite house-flipping-duo travelling all the way to the Big Easy to see whether their revolutionary neighborhood turnaround plan will work outside of the confines of Detroit.

This spin-off series will span over five episodes, which Keith and Evan have already started filming.

If Keith’s behind-the-scenes snaps are anything to go by, this spin-off promises to bring even more Bargain Block fun, as the team learns to adjust to not only the New Orleans nightlife, but also its wildlife.

When you can expect to see Bargain Block return to your screen