What you missed on the Homestead Rescue “Mesa Meltdown” episode

The Mesa Meltdown episode from Homestead Rescue season 11 features a particularly challenging Arizona-based homestead that requires the Raneys’ full attention

The eleventh season of Homestead Rescue, featuring the expert homesteader, Marty Raney, and his children, Misty and Matt, has been one of the most entertaining seasons of the show so far.

Not only have the Raneys travelled all over the United States (as they do) to help amateur homesteaders who have gotten themselves in over their heads, but they have also built and developed some of the most creative and innovative homesteading solutions that we have ever seen.

This includes tumbleweed bales for an insulated garden, a homegrown pole barn, a food preservation facility, and much more.

All about the season 1 finale episode

However, in classic Homestead Rescue, it seems like the Raneys saved some of their most ingenious off-the-grid solutions for the young Arizona-based family featured in the “Mesa Meltdown” episode.

If you have been watching Homestead Rescue for a long time, then you will know that homesteaders who have to adapt to extremely cold temperatures certainly have it rough.

However, “Mesa Meltdown” proves that it is just as difficult for homesteaders who have settled in desert climates.

In this episode, the Raneys have to pull out all the stops when it comes to homesteading tricks and tips, as they attempt to save a young family which is up against yo-yoing weather conditions, an array of predators and desert droughts.

Homestead Rescue season 11

Homestead Rescue season 11 has truly been one of the show’s best so far. And, this season has already spanned more than three months and featured nine episodes (including the special), to date.

The first nine episodes of Homestead Rescue season 11 can be summarized as follows:

Episode Title Initial air date
Episode 1 Where the Wild Wind Blows Nov 19, 2023
Episode 2 Bridge Over Troubled Water Nov 26, 2023
Episode 3 Stormy and Raney in Texas Dec 3, 2023
Episode 4 Tennessee Unplugged Dec 10, 2023
Episode 5 Denali Double Rescue Dec 17, 2023
Episode 6 Homestead and Chill Dec 24, 2023
Episode 7 Texas Rift Jan 7, 2024
Episode 8 Land of Fire and Ice Jan 14, 2024
Episode 9 Mesa Meltdown Jan 21, 2024

When will this season be on Discovery+?

If you are an avid fan of Homestead Rescue (or any other Discovery Channel show, for that matter) you will already know that they Warner Bros. Discovery merger (which started in 2022) has not been quite as smooth sailing as fans may have hoped.

As a result, some things have slipped through the cracks. And it seems like this now includes season 11 of Homestead Rescue, which still has not been uploaded to streaming sites like Discovery+ and Max.

Unfortunately, there has not been any official update from the network about when we can expect to see this exciting new season become available for streaming, but now that the season is slowly approaching its final episode, the process should presumably speed up a bit.

Until then, it may be a good idea to keep an eye on the Discovery Channel schedule, as various Homestead Rescue reruns, often make the lineup.

Did you catch the Homestead Rescue festive special?

While the “Mesa Meltdown” episode is certainly one of the most exciting episodes that we have seen in season 11 of Homestead Rescue, the show actually aired a surprise special right in the middle of the holiday season.

“Homestead and Chill” saw Matt, Misty and Marty settle in for a nostalgic Alaskan movie night – popcorn and all.

And as an extra special festive bonus, the Raneys took the opportunity to share a few home videos and behind-the-scenes updates about some of the extraordinary homesteading projects that they have been involved in in the last couple of years.

Everything we know about Homestead Rescue season 12

The 11th season of Homestead Rescue is still winding down slowly. And while most long-time Homestead Rescue fans are already excited about brand-new episodes, the show has not been renewed for another season just yet.

However, there is still plenty of time and  the Raneys seemingly have no doubt that they will be able to return to our screens for a new season of epic off-the-grid homesteading very soon.

In fact, Matt is so confident that Homestead Rescue will return for another season that he took to Facebook in November of 2023 to affirm that “there is just not going to be an end in sight for Homestead Rescue”.

If Matt’s assumption is correct, fans can expect the next season of Homestead Rescue to air as early as November of 2024.