What you may not know about Ready to Love’s William

William may be making waves as a Ready to Love reality star, but he has actually built up quite the reputation as a comedian, outside of the show.

The ninth season of OWN’s Ready to Love franchise has seen the host, Thomas “Nephew Tommy” Miles, welcome (approximately) 20 new and hopeful singles from the Fort Worth area to what can only be explained as a dating marathon.

So far, we have seen this season’s ready-to-mingle singles brunch together, play together and party together – in a bid to find and forge a true and lasting romantic connection during their limited time on the show. And, as always, those who were deemed not ready to love were promptly sent home.

Season nine’s cast is an interesting mix of 30-something and 40-something Fort Worth locals. They range from self-made entrepreneurs and up-and-coming sales associates, to successful real-estate professionals, educators, cyber-security specialists and more.

William’s life outside of Ready to Love

William Mosley is just one of the dapper gentlemen introduced as part of this season’s male cast.

But while fans watching from home (and Ready to Love season nine’s female cast) have been getting to know William as the comedic 38 year-old financial advisor looking for love on the show, he actually has quite a busy life when the cameras stop rolling.

William’s Instagram bio describes him as a “Father, Comedian, Soldier, Washed Hooper.” And now that he has survived the first five episodes of Ready to Love’s ninth season, we think it is time to add “Casanova” to that already-expansive list.

William’s Ready to Love run so far

Ready to Love season nine has certainly been a wild ride so far. And unfortunately for William, he has had quite the rollercoaster experience on the show thus far.

All of William’s highs and lows in this season can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date Status
Episode 1: “Hot and Bothered” January 12, 2024 Bottom two
Episode 2: “The Good, Bad and Freaky” January 19, 2024 Not up for elimination
Episode 3: “Finger Lickin’ Good” January 26, 2024 Not up for elimination
Episode 4: “Getting Intimate” February 2, 2024 Safe
Episode 5: “Pajama Jam” February 9, 2024 Not up for elimination

William’s comedy career so far

There is no denying that appearing on Ready to Love is bound to have William booked and busy (at least until the show’s next season rolls around).

But it seems like he was already building up quite the successful comedy career even before he signed on to do the show.

Besides regularly being featured on popular online pages like The Shade Room, William has also performed at popular comedy clubs, both in the Fort Worth area and beyond.

This includes The Improv, Laugh Out Loud, Jokesters, Liberty Laughs and recently, the Irma & Emilio Nicolas Media Center for the Texas Public Radio Creekside Sessions.

William has even warmed up the crowds for other seasoned comedians like Shang, TK Kirkland, Benji Brown and more.

He frequently shares the news about his upcoming comedy gigs on his social media pages and he even has a few performance highlight-videos on his YouTube channel.

William’s other passions

While William’s comedy career really seems to be taking off at the moment, he shared in the first couple of Ready to Love episodes that he also has plans to build a legacy outside of the comedy industry.

In case you missed it, William is not only a comedian and reality television star, but he is also a former athlete and a soldier.

Moreover, he plans to use this wide variety of skills at some point in the future to start a shooting range where he can teach and train women of color how to handle weapons properly and safely.

William seems popular with the Ready to Love ladies

Although we will likely not know William’s Ready to Love fate until much later in this season, it seems like he is quite popular among some of this season’s ladies.

In fact, it seems like William and his Ready to Love co-star, April have quite the bond outside of the show, as he recently took to Instagram to share a few behind-the-scenes snaps of them together, which he captioned “April is the homie for life! Love you friend!!!”

What you may not know about Ready to Love’s William

William has also shared snaps with many of the other Ready to Love female cast members, including Patricia and Mya.

And while it does not seem like there are any romantic feelings between William and the beautiful Ready to Love ladies now that the this season has wrapped, it is nice to see that some of the cast members have kept in touch outside of the show.