What will the Expedition X team find on Mackinac Island?

The Expedition X team are heading to Michigan’s Mackinac Island for the “Death Island” episode, but there is no telling where this investigation will take them.

Expert explorers, Josh Gates, Jessica Chobot and Phil Torres have officially returned for an all-new season of the paranormal, supernatural and downright-unexplained Expedition X.

So far, this team of truth-seekers has braved the terrifying Hoia Baciu forest in Romania, as well as the brutal Alaskan wilderness in their quest to find answers to some of the world’s most puzzling other-worldly mysteries.

All about the “Death Island” episode

The next episode of Expedition X season seven will see the Expedition X team travel to a deceivingly tranquil location for their next fact-finding mission.

The “Death Island” episode will take Josh and the rest of the team a little closer to home as they travel to Mackinac Island in Michigan.

But, while Mackinac Island remains a popular tourist destination today, and tourists from all over the globe travel here annually to witness the island’s charming, historic flair – the Expedition X team will not be travelling here to admire the beautiful old buildings or the gorgeous waterways.

A review conducted by Porch Research in 2022 deduced that Mackinac Island is the most haunted town in the United States, with 16 haunted sites per 478 people.

And, given the location’s incredibly rich and violent history, there is really no telling where the Expedition X team will start their investigation, or how it will end on this island of death.

Expedition X season 7 so far

The “Death Island” episode will only be the third episode to air from Expedition X’s brand-new seventh season.

If you want to ensure that you have not missed any of the excitement so far, the season seven episodes which have aired to date can be summarized as follows:

Episode Title Initial air date
Episode 1 Transylvanian Terror February 7, 2024
Episode 2 “Killer Sasquatch” February 14, 2024

New episodes of Expedition X, like the exciting Mackinac Island episode, which is set to air on February 21, 2024, air live on Discovery Channel and are available to stream on Max.

Everything you need to know about spooky Mackinac Island

While Mackinac Island is perhaps best known in some circles for being an idyllic vacation destination tucked between Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas, other circles are aware that there is something much more sinister hiding beneath this quint façade.

The Europeans first set foot on the 4 square mile space that is now known as Mackinac Island in the 17th century.

And, by the beginning of the 1800s, the island had become a hub for the thriving Great Lakes fur trade, and subsequently, the location of two different major battles.

It is this violent history, which spans battles between the Native Americans, the French, the British and the early Americans, paired with the island’s rare natural qualities which have made it one of the most haunted places in America.

Mackinac’s most haunted locations

Josh, Jess and Phil have not yet explained any details about what exactly their Mackinac Island investigations will be looking into, but this island certainly has more than enough haunted locations for them to check out.

The Grand Hotel is perhaps the most notorious location on the Island, as legend has it that the construction of this hotel unearthed human remains.

But locations like the Guard House, the Post Hospital, Fort Mackinac, Mission Point Resort and Mission Point Theater all have their own stories to tell.

In fact, there is so much paranormal activity on this island that there may even be enough hair-raising content for a two-part episode.

Josh’s subtle behind-the-scenes clue for this episode

Mackinac Island’s historical significance does make it a hotspot for various kinds of paranormal activity. But there are also some theories that the island’s flair for attracting the paranormal runs much deeper than that.

Once you delve beneath the surface, you will find that Mackinac Island is mainly made up of limestone and quartz. Paranormal researchers have long believed that these materials (alongside Magnetite) retain energy over time.

And since Mackinac Island is also surrounded by large bodies of water that can act as  energy-conductors, many people believe that Mackinac Island is set up perfectly to be a sort of energy magnet or beacon that encourages large amounts of paranormal activity.

Josh posted this seemingly unassuming photo taken from the surface of Lake Huron around September, 2022.

What will the Expedition X team find on Mackinac Island?

And now that we know that the Expedition X team will be investigating Mackinac Island and all of its great mysteries, it seems like we just might get to see them put these theories to the test.