What wall color goes with alabaster cabinets?

Alabaster cabinets can add brightness to a space, but deciding on a wall color that will match perfectly to your cabinets can be difficult.

The versatility and brightness are what convinces most people to go for an alabaster color on their cabinets. In fact, some people even paint their cabinets this color themselves.

Since alabaster goes with almost anything, it can be difficult to decide on the wall color that will work when placed next to the alabaster cabinets.

In the end, the best wall color will depend on the look and design style that you have in mind for your space, which can be accentuated by using different yellow, blue undertones or even other white colors on the walls.

Why alabaster is so popular

Alabaster is a popular, balanced white color, which is great to use if you want to brighten up your space.

It is also a very soft color, which makes it perfect for interior use if you are scared of using a stark, pure white, but still want the white and airy kitchen look.

Alabaster is not too warm or cool-toned, which makes it very versatile for use inside the house.

This color is unassuming and when it is used on a big surface area, like all over your kitchen cabinets, it can create the perfect canvas to add other design elements to.

There are many popular paint brands that have their own alabaster colors, including Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams.

Sherwin Williams even named their “Alabaster” paint color, the color of the year in 2016 and it is still a favorite among their customers for both interior and exterior paint jobs.

Both Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore mention the versatility and calm feeling which an alabaster color can add to a room as the reasons this paint color is so alluring to many homeowners and decorators.

Different alabaster paint colors have LRV (luminous reflectance value) indexes of anywhere from 80 to 89.

The LRV index tells you how much light a certain color will reflect, with 100 being the most reflective paints. This means that alabaster is a bright, but very soft white.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between different white colors, but if you hold an alabaster color up next to other whites, you will soon notice the yellow hues and undertones which this color has.

These yellow undertones make this color even softer and give the color a very creamy appearance.

This creaminess is great for all kinds of design styles, whether it be farmhouse, rustic, serene or even eclectic. This versatility when it comes to design style is also what makes this color so popular to use for kitchen cabinets.

What wall color goes with alabaster cabinets?

If you are looking to update your kitchen with a brighter, alabaster look, you might want to consider just painting the cabinets that you already have.

Painting your kitchen cabinets might seem like a very time- and labor-intensive job, but the difference adding this color to your cabinets will all be worth it.

There are a few DIY-savvy tips from designers and handymen to help you get a really clean and professional look, even if this is your first time painting your own cabinets.

Labelling and numbering the doors to your cabinets as soon as you take them off may seem like a waste of time, but it will certainly save you having to solve a jigsaw puzzle when you are done.

Even pre-built standard cabinet doors can have slight variations after years of use, and it is better to just save yourself the frustrations of doors not fitting exactly right after you have gone through all of the trouble of refinishing all of them.

You can also label the hardware and hinges for each door, as this will also make the reassembly a quick, methodical process. It is also important to ensure that the surfaces you want to paint are extremely clean.

You can fill the grain of your wood and any chips or holes to get a clean, sleek look before you start priming, but washing all of the grease off of the surfaces is the best way to ensure a professional look once you are done painting.

Once you have disassembled and cleaned all the cabinets, you can start on the painting portion of the exercise.

Using a good quality primer for kitchen cabinets is important, as this is one of the best ways to ensure that your paint job will be able to withstand daily wear and tear in the kitchen.

The primer is also the base layer and will have a big impact on how the rest of your paint, which is added on top of this layer, will look.

To get a truly professional and clean look when painting your own cabinets, it is always smart to sand lightly between each and every coat of paint. This will smooth out each layer and give a smoother finish in the end.

Once you have painted your cabinets, the next step is deciding on a wall color that will match perfectly to your beautiful new cabinets.

Other yellow hues

When trying to match a wall paint color to alabaster, it is always smart to choose a family with the same yellow hues, as this ensures that the colors will have the same undertones and that they will blend well together.

Some examples of colors with this same yellow hue, includes:

Ethereal Mood by Sherwin Williams

Ethereal Mood by Sherwin Williams is a good neutral color, which is a bit darker than alabaster. This darker color will help the alabaster color of your cabinets to seem even brighter and cleaner.

Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams

Crushed Ice by Sherwin Williams is also a good option. This color has a slightly grayer tone and is also darker than alabaster, which will neutralize some of the more yellow colors in the alabaster and make it appear whiter and striking.

Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams

Accessible Beige by Sherwin Williams is also a good darker beige color to pair with alabaster. This color adds some character and contrast when placed next to alabaster and can be used for many different design styles.

These colors will work harmoniously when they are used on the walls next to your alabaster kitchen cabinets, but will still offer enough contrast with the alabaster color to add some visual interest to the space.

Other white colors

Many people choose alabaster for their cabinets, because it is such a bright and light color. If you want to reinforce this bright color scheme, a classic white-on-white kitchen color scheme might be the way to go.

There are several other white and off-white colors that can be used in your walls to create this look:

Genesis White by Benjamin Moore

Genesis White by Benjamin Moore color has a blue-green hue to it, which will contrast with the yellow hue of alabaster and make the alabaster seem brighter and whiter.

White Dove by Benjamin Moore

White Dove by Benjamin Moore is another popular white color. This color pairs nicely with alabaster, as it is also very well balanced between warm and cool.

This color is also a bit lighter than alabaster, which will definitely ensure that your kitchen feels white and airy.

Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams

Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams is another great white color to pair with alabaster. This color has similar gray and beige undertones to alabaster, but it’s lighter, which will keep your kitchen from feeling too bright and white.

These colors are all very close to white, which will work with the alabaster color of your cabinets, to create a chic white-on-white kitchen design that is perfect if you want to keep the space bright and make other elements stand out.

Colors with other hues

If the all-white kitchen is not for you, or you would prefer to stay away from other yellow-ish tones, then going for a cooler undertone will give you contrast and depth when placed next to alabaster cabinets.

Evening Shadow by Sherwin Williams

Evening Shadow by Sherwin Williams is a great cool-toned color to contrast with alabaster.

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams

Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams is also a very good gray option to pair with alabaster cabinets. This color will still be neutral enough to create a plain background when paired with alabaster.

These options offer a more striking design option if you are looking to create a lot of contrast with the alabaster color of your cabinets.


Alabaster is a popular soft white color to use for kitchen cabinets, since it is so brightening.

The versatility of this color makes it an obvious choice, as it can be paired with many other colors, undertones and hues to suit almost every design style.

The easiest way to find a wall color that will work well when paired with alabaster is to use a color with the same yellow hue, but is a little lighter or darker.

Of course, if you want to create a more interesting design, choosing a color with the opposite blue or green hue can also be effective and using a white color can really brighten up the space.