What the hell to expect from Expedition from Hell’s episode 5

Expedition from Hell: the Lost Tapes have followed the members of the Amazon 5000 expedition through untold dangers, and things are really heating up for the series’ finale.

Discovery’s new limited docuseries, Expedition from Hell: The Lost Tapes (also known simply as “Expedition from Hell”), has certainly been a wild ride so far.

The grand finale is upon us

And it seems like dehydration, exhaustion, conflict, illness and life-threateningly dangerous encounters may not even be the worst of what the Amazon 5000 expedition, which was led by Mickey Grosman, experienced during their multi-month, multi-thousand mile hike through the Amazon.

As this captivating series steadily approaches its conclusion, we have rounded up all of the most important details about what you can expect heading into Expedition from Hell episode 5.

The Expedition from Hell episode five details

Episode five will be the finale of the Expedition from Hell limited series. And, if you have enjoyed the show so far, it is important to take note of all the important details of this episode.

The details for Expedition from Hell episode five can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
Episode Season 1, episode 5
Title “Worst Expedition Ever?”
Premiere date Sunday, June 2, 2024
Where to watch Expedition from Hell episodes air live on Discovery Channel. You can also find the show on other platforms like Discovery Go, Max, YouTube TV, Amazon Prime Video, Vudu and more.

There is much more drama to come

If you thought that what we have seen so far of the original Amazon 5000 expedition on Expedition from Hell was wild, you better buckle up for episode five.

This is because the last leg of this expedition was perhaps one of the strangest experiences ever recorded on camera (well, the footage that was not mysteriously misplaced, at least).

According to the blog that Grosman kept at the time of the expedition, this controversial expedition leader was side-tracked not only by a serious illness called dengue fever on these last few miles, but he also faced being arrested by the Brazilian police and being abducted by a band of real-life pirates.

Whether this is real or not, these last bits of footage certainly seem like they will be well worth the watch.

Something is definitely happening behind the scenes

Although Expedition from Hell has had more than enough on-screen drama to keep viewers around the globe entertained thus far – it seems like something equally enticing is happening off camera.

In case you have not been keeping up with the Expedition from Hell expedition members in real life, it is noteworthy that not all of them have been happy with the way that this story was portrayed in the show.

Kyle, Kevin and Alex all took to Facebook recently to discredit an article titled “Group Went on Charity Amazon Trek — and Only 1 Finished: Inside the Start of Adventure Gone Wrong”.

Kevin even took things a step further and posted on his own Facebook page that Discovery is “intentionally making him [Mickey Grosman] out to be a bad guy”, but that they were still buddies to this day.

Elsewhere on Facebook, Grosman has almost completely scrubbed his page, with only a few Expedition from Hell clips remaining.

We are not yet sure what this all means, but it does seem like the expedition members are gearing up for even more backlash to come, as the show progresses in the next few  weeks.

Will the elusive Matt make an appearance?

Although many things are still up in the air about how exactly Expedition from Hell is planning to bring it all together in the final episode – one of the biggest questions that is still plaguing the minds of fans is “What happened to Matt?”

Of course, the show has now revealed (as we reported a few weeks ago), that Matt is in fact still alive and working in the computer industry.

However, with so much back-and-forth about Grosman’s unconventional leadership style and all of the focus that has been placed on his strange relationship with Matt – it would just seem cruel to the audience not to have him share his side of the story on camera at this point.

The Expedition from Hell director, David Freid, told TV Insider rather cryptically that “One member of the expedition opted not to do an interview with us because they said they didn’t want to revisit the experience.

And another person — well, you’ll see” So, while it is possible that Matt opted out of this entire experience there is still a little hope that what we will “see” is Matt finally sitting down for a current-day interview before the show’s final end-credits roll.