What Pat and Carl from Road Wars are up to now

Pat and Carl continued to work together even after they left Road Wars, but the duo have since gone their separate ways.

The Sky1 reality television show Road Wars follows the dedicated professionals of the Thames Valley Police PRO-ACTIVE team as they policed the streets  daily.

And whilst this show featured many different cases and members of the team, PC Pat Knight’s and PC Carl Lewis’s partnership has always stood out as a firm favorite among fans.

Pat and Carl: Where are they now?

It has now been over 14 years since Road Wars aired its final season (and more than 18 years since viewers last saw Pat and Carl on their screens).

And if you were a particularly avid watcher of the show back in the day, you may be wondering what happened to your favorite crime-fighting partners and Road Wars cast members after they left the show.

Tracking down more than a decade of history is certainly not an easy task and sifting through the online rumors and speculation does not make this task any easier, but it does seem like Pat and Carl continued to work together at the Thames Valley Police department even after they were no longer part of the show.

And while Carl continued to work in law enforcement until recently, it seems as though Pat has moved on to an entirely new industry over the years.

Why did Pat and Carl leave Road Wars?

Pat and Carl are beloved members of what many fans call the ‘original’ Road Wars, and they spent over three years on the cast, which are outlined below:

Road Wars season Episodes Year
Season 1 6 2003
Season 2 6 2004
Season 3 8 2005

Unfortunately, the duo never explained their reasoning for leaving the show. According to some rumors, the members of the PRO-ACTIVE team are required to move on from this position every three years, which could explain why Pat and Carl (as well as many of the other Road Wars fan-favorites) were no longer featured on the show after season three – but these rumors have never been officially confirmed.

Pat and Carl did work together after leaving Road Wars

As is often the case with reality television stars, the details about what exactly Pat and Carl got up to when they were no longer being featured on Road Wars do get a bit blurry.

However, one thing that we know for sure is that this dynamic duo kept their partnership going even after Road Wars season three.

In fact, if you are a fan of the British reality television genre, you may just have spotted them on a different program, called Fiddles, Cheats and Scams, where they investigated a house call together back in 2009.

And though their partnership managed to survive the strain of reality television, it seems like they did eventually decide to part ways a few years later.

What Pat is doing now

One Bracknell News article from August of 2010 features a statement from Pat and proves that the rumors about Pat and Carl leaving the force immediately after season three are untrue.

However, it seems like Pat did eventually end up leaving the Thames Valley Police department just a few years after Road Wars season three.

According to this  LinkedIn profile of Pat’s, he left the Thames Valley Police Department in March of 2011 (after more than 33 years of service) and he now finds himself employed as a professional driver, trainer and assessor at a company called R3 Road Risk Reduction.

R3 Road Risk Reduction specializes in training drivers for safe driving in a variety of extreme conditions, and it seems like Pat has been working his way up in this company since 2016.

What Carl is doing now

Similarly to Pat, it seems like Carl continued to work for the Thames Valley Police department long after he left Road Wars (and even after his former partner Pat left).

Carl was interviewed on behalf of the Thames Valley Police for a Berkshire Live article back in June of 2011.

And while Carl’s employment history since then has not been quite as neatly documented as Pat’s, it seems like he has continued to work in law enforcement through the years.

In fact, it seems as though Carl stayed with the Thames Valley Police Department over the years, and he was working out of the Reading police station as recently as 2020.

However, the Thames Valley Police website no longer lists Carl as one of the officers on duty at the station, so he may have moved on in the last couple of years.