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What Mud Madness’s Larry does when he is not racing

Larry “Dredbone” Oakes has emerged as one of Mud Madness’s biggest stars, but he is just a regular guy off the track.

If there is one thing that Discovery’s new high-octane series, Mud Madness has taught us, it is that the world of competitive mud racing is big, it is loud, it is dirty and it is incredibly dangerous.

This is probably why this extreme sport attracts so many flamboyant characters.

The first season of Mud Madness follows various different competitive mud racers as they compete for the chance to take home exciting cash prizes and the bragging-rights to say they won on courses throughout the United States.

And there is certainly no shortage of loud, competitive, and bigger-than-life characters in the cast.

Where Larry fits into the Mud Madness

If you tuned in to watch the first few episodes of the show, you will already know that Larry “Dredbone” Oakes is one of circuit’s most famous racers.

And if you made it past the first few rounds of ‘stuck-in-the-mud,’ you may have even gotten a taste of some of his ‘Offroad Rapper’ musical stylings.

Larry is certainly one of Mud Madness’s most entertaining characters, but, while we have seen plenty of what he can do in the mud pits so far on the show, you may be wondering what this racer gets up to once all the engines are turned off.

It turns out that the answer to this question is not all that out-of-the-norm. Larry’s Facebook bio describes him as a “Dad, Husband, off-road Rapper.”

And at the end of the day, it seems like this is really how Larry divides most of his time when he is not preparing for a race or doing the racing.

The rest of the Mud Madness cast

Larry has certainly become a real Mud Madness fan-favorite, but he is not the only extreme off-road ATV/UTV mud racer who is featured on the show.

Some of the other racers joining Larry on Mud Madness’s season one cast include:

Cast member Introduction
Bryce Sparks Episode 1
Josh Carmon Episode 1
Randi Alicia Episode 1
AJ Robertson Episode 2
Megan Rion Episode 2

While Larry has managed to make quite the impression on Mud Madness fans so far, he has failed to make his mark on the track. And by the end of episode three, Larry had fallen off the Top 10 winnings board for the Fall circuit completely.

Larry’s day job

Larry seems to spend most of his free time with his wife, Chalice and his two daughters. However, someone has to pay those expensive repair bills after every race, so it seems like Larry also helps out in the Sales and Marketing department of an Illinois-based ATV dealership called CW Motorsports.

We need to talk about Larry’s music career

Between chiropractors and social media stars, ‘freestyle rapper’ is certainly not the strangest day-job that we have seen among the cast members of Mud Madness. But it is certainly not an aspect of Larry’s life that we can ignore.

If you visit Larry’s YouTube channel right now, you will see that he has been producing new music consistently in the last couple of years.

Most of his more recent tracks definitely incorporate his love for mud, with titles like Made out of Mud, We came to Ride and Mudhole.

His daughters even have cameos in most of the music videos, and Kylie (nickname: Special-K) even has a few verses on some of the newer songs.

However, while it took some digging, we were able to track down some of Dredbone’s older music.

It seems like before Larry became the off-road Rapper, he mainly performed his music as part of a collective called The Underground Funk.

You can even still find some of their old music online, including the song “Walk All Over You” (1996), which you may have seen a few snippets of in the first episode of Mud Madness.

Larry’s relationship with the other Mud Madness racers

The competitive mud racing scene is certainly not without its fair share of rivalries, but it seems like Larry and most of the other Mud Madness stars get along just fine when the cameras stop rolling.

Scrolling through Larry’s social media pages reveals that he is certainly the life of the party (even when he is not DJ-ing the party).

It also reveals that he has been friends with some of his Mud Madness co-stars for quite a while.

This photo of Larry and Bryce Sparks dates all the way back to May of 2023, as does this photo with Randi Alicia, and Megan Rion also makes an appearance on his feed.

Which of the Mud Madness racers will come out on top?