What Monique from Love After Lockup is up to now

Monique has had quite the journey since they first joined the Love After Lockup cast, but it seems like she is finally moving on to a new chapter.

Love After Lockup has certainly showcased its fair share of messy relationships over the course of the last five years.

But only a few of the on-again, off-again relationships that we have seen on the show so far are even comparable to the dramatic relationship between the former convict, Derek Warner Jr., and his almost-fiancé, Monique Robinson.

What happened to Monique and Derek after Love After Lockup?

If you watched season four of Love After Lockup (and the subsequent Life After Lockup spin-off), you will already know that fans have been following Derek and Monique’s journey since the moment that he was released from prison.

But, as we often see with the Love After Lockup couples, their journeys together on the outside are not exactly smooth sailing.

Monique and Derek certainly went through a lot together on Love After Lockup, but between the cheating accusations, the meddling family members, the physical altercations and the surprise proposal – it seems like this highly volatile couple has finally called it quits.

However, just because their romantic relationship has run its course, it does not mean that Monique and Derek have gone their separate ways entirely – as they still regularly call each other out on social media.

Monique and Derek’s relationship timeline

So much has happened between Monique and Derek since we were first introduced to them on Love After Lockup that it can be quite difficult to keep track of it all.

However, we have rounded up a few of the most important events in Monique and Derek’s timeline  to help put things into perspective.

All in all, Monique and Derek’s relationship can be outlined as follows:

Date Event
2020 Monique and Derek meet online and start their relationship while Derek is still incarcerated.
2022 Monique and Derek make their first appearances in Love After Lockup (and then in the Life After Lockup spin-off)
March 2023 Derek is taken into custody (for charges related to a case from 2021)
April 2023 Derek and Monique announce their engagement on the show
May 2023 Monique and Derek break up

What Derek and Monique’s relationship is like now

While there is always a sliver of a chance that Monique and Derek could get back together at any point, it does seem like it will be difficult for them to come back from their truly dramatic post-breakup online discourse.

In the few months since Monique and Derek called it quits, Monique has accused Derek of being abusive and being gay, and more recently, she has even been sharing pictures of Derek’s old mug shot alongside allegations that he has once again been incarcerated.

There have also been rumors that Derek is now married to another woman, and that he was sued by a former business manager since we last saw him on the show.

Monique has been on a weight loss journey

If you have missed out on all of the Monique and Derek discourse that has been happening online, you may have also missed the fact that Monique recently started an ambitious weight loss journey.

According to Monique, she is at a place in her life where she truly wants to prioritize herself. And, as part of this goal, she has been documenting her (now) more than 50 pound weight loss via her social media channels.

Monique has also started her own YouTube channel on which she plans to share various beauty tips and lifestyle updates in the hopes that this will establish her within the online influencer community.

Will Monique return to the show in the future?

If you believe what the internet rumor-mill (and Derek’s sister, Elizabeth) has been saying about Monique and Derek’s split from the Love After Lockup franchise, this buzzworthy couple was kicked off the show by its producers after a couple of the fights had gotten out of hand.

However, although none of these rumors have ever been confirmed by Monique, Derek, or the Love After Lockup production team, and Love After Lockup certainly does not mind bringing back its former cast members for new seasons – it seems unlikely that Monique will return to the show.

Monique recently replied to a comment on Facebook which asked whether she would return to the show. She responded, “Derek fumbled me & the bag so it won’t happen again. We had a good run though.”

What Monique from Love After Lockup is up to now

So, it seems like we will not be seeing her or Derek make a Love After Lockup, Life After Lockup, or even a Love During Lockup comeback, anytime soon.