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What is happening with Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings – New 2024 updates

The future of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings remains uncertain, but there have been a few behind-the-scenes developments for the franchise.

So far, 2024 has been quite the rollercoaster ride for fans of the high-octane, high-stakes Street Outlaws franchise.

The original version of Street Outlaws started airing on Discovery Channel more than a decade ago, in 2013.

And this action-packed but under-the-radar show proved to be so popular with fans that it has produced a whole slew of spin-offs, including shows like Street Outlaws: New Orleans, Street Outlaws: Fastest In America, Street Outlaws: America’s List, and Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings, and more – effectively turning Discovery Channel into a Street Outlaws-filled hub of entertainment for a few years.

However, with the recent and continuous radio-silence from Discovery Channel around all things Street Outlaws-related , it seems like this once-shining show has now dropped off the channel’s priority list completely.

The future of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Initially, things seemed to be going better this year – with some fan-favorite racers even confirming that Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings (NPK) season six will finally make it to air in April of 2024.

But, as we have all now seen, the plans for this show have seemingly changed behind the scenes, and no new Street Outlaws content has made it at all this year.

Though, as should be expected at this point, it seems like there has now been an unofficially-official development behind the scenes.

The new wave of Street Outlaws rumors now suggest that Dana White, who you may recognize from ventures like Power Slap and The Ultimate Fighter, has now purchased the rights to Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings.

And while we do not have any confirmation about what this means for the future of the Street Outlaws franchise – it certainly seems like there will be many changes still to come for the show in 2024.

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings through the years

Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings has arguably become one of the franchise’s most successful and long-running spin-offs.

And, while the show’s format has changed slightly over the years, Street Outlaws fans still tune in to watch it to this day.

NPK’s entire history, up until this point, can be outlined as follows:

Season Episodes Premiere date
Season 1 15 March 7, 2018
Season 2 18 Jan 14, 2019
Season 3 9 October 7, 2019
Season 4 38 October 11, 2021
Season 5 15 September 19, 2022

What will happen to Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings season six?

Unfortunately, the new news on the NPK front has not been accompanied by any official updates on season six, which was supposed to start airing in April.

Some fans have suggested that NPK season six may have just been delayed, and will instead air later in 2024, but this has not been confirmed by Discovery Channel yet.

And judging by the channel’s airing schedule for the rest of May 2024, it will likely not be arriving on our screens before June.

Where will Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings air now?

Since it seems like NPK (from season seven and onwards) will no longer be broadcast on Discovery Channel now that the show has reportedly been sold off, rumors have started circulating about how the show may air in the future.

At this point, the powers that be have not yet announced any changes for NPK, moving forward.

However, some fans have already started speculating that this reported behind the scenes change may just open up the door for NPK to move to a live-streaming pay-per-view format or even a streaming-only format in the future.

Either way, any form of new NPK content, should be better than the NPK-drought that fans have faced in the last few years.

Does this mean that the O.G. Street Outlaws stars will return to the show?

The problems with getting NPK season six on the air, are not the only issues which have been plaguing this once-beloved franchise.

If you have been keeping up with all the behind-the-scenes action through the years, you will know that several of the show’s longtime racers have left the show.

Big Chief’s departure from the franchise was perhaps the most shocking – as were his reasons for leaving.

According to what Big Chief shared in a 2022 video, he left the show because of some continued disagreements with the show’s production team about their overbearing involvement in how the races went down.

But now that the show will be in the hands of (presumably) an entirely different production team, there is certainly hope that stars like Big Chief (and others), will re-join the cast again in the future.