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What happened to Denise Becker on Life Below Zero

Denise Becker and Andy Bassich may have had a tough season on Life Below Zero, but this reality star is still seemingly doing well.

While finding food and keeping warm is not at the top of most people’s priority lists, the cast of National Geographic’s survival series, Life Below Zero, proves that even such menial tasks can prove to be incredibly difficult in the remotest parts of the Alaskan Wilderness.

Is Denise really dead

The show’s most recent season has been especially challenging, even for residents like Andy Bassich and Denise Becker, who have spent decades mastering how to survive during the harsh Alaskan winters.

When Life Below Zero season 22 first premiered, fans tuned in to see Andy and Denise in the middle of an emergency evacuation as they scrambled to evacuate their property (dogs and all) before the rising river engulfed them.

And while both Denise and Andy managed to make it out alive, they were not featured in as much of this season as fans expected.

To make matters worse, rumors have now also started spreading that Denise might have passed away after this season was filmed. But, fortunately, it seems as though these rumors are untrue.

And, while Denise has not updated her social media pages since 2021, there is no reason to believe that anything bad has happened to this Life Below Zero star.

A recap of Life Below Zero season 22

Life Below Zero is certainly one of National Geographic’s more successful shows. And over the years, Life Below Zero and its many, many spin-off shows have even taken home a few Primetime Emmy awards.

The show’s most recent 22nd season is no exception. This season balanced sweeping shots of the Alaskan landscape with instances of authentic life-or-death survival moments as the cast embraced the warmer summer months in preparation for the long winter ahead.

All in all, this season can be summarized as follows:

Episode Initial air date
1.     “Destroyer of Worlds” November 14, 2023
2.     “Bulletproof” November 21, 2023
3.     “Transitions” November 28, 2023
4.     “The Way of the Bear” December 5, 2023
5.     “Summer Camp” December 12, 2023
6.     “Run Aground” December 19, 2023
7.     “Beyond the Tundra” December 26, 2023
8.     “Respect the Wild” January 2, 2024
9.     “One Last Chance” January 9, 2024

How Denise ended up in Alaska

Life in Alaska is certainly not easy, and since Denise is one of Life Below Zero’s most recent cast additions, many fans are curious about how exactly she ended up where she did.

It turns out that the answer to this question lies in her relationship with her Life Below Zero co-star, Andy.

When Denise and Andy first met, Andy was already living in Alaska, but Denise was only visiting for  a Boy Scouts canoe trip.

However, when Andy needed to recuperate following his serious hip injury, the couple decided that this island near Eagle was just the right place for him to regain his strength, which is why Denise decided to make the move.

Are Andy and Denise still together?

Unfortunately, the rumors that Denise may have passed away recently are not the only rumors about this Life Below Zero cast member that have been circulating on the internet recently.

Some sources have also claimed that Denise has broken up with her boyfriend, Andy.

However, while Andy has certainly had his fair share of relationship dramas in the past (many of which fans saw play out in earlier seasons of the show), it does not seem like the couple has called it quits just yet.

Will Denise return for Life Below Zero’s next season?

Life Below Zero’s most recent season left fans with an impending sense of doom, as all of their favorite cast members settled in for the dark winter. Furthermore, National Geographic has not confirmed the show’s renewal just yet.

However, unofficially, the members of the Life Below Zero cast have reportedly let it slip that they are already filming for the new season.

And, while Andy and Denise may have taken a step back in this most recent season (and Life Below Zero does not exactly have the best track record when it comes to keeping its cast consistently), neither of these now longtime Life Below Zero cast members have said anything to indicate that they might be leaving the show soon.

In fact, Denise once shared during a live Life Below Zero Q&A that she found the filming experience to be very positive.

Therefore, it is pretty safe to assume that Andy and Denise will return alongside most of the other beloved Life Below Zero cast members if the show is renewed for another season.