What colors go with Shoji White?

Shoji White is one of the most unique Sherwin Williams paints, but it can be difficult to find trim, complementary and coordinating colors that go with it.

Sherwin Williams has been manufacturing different paints and coverings for over 150 years and their quality, customer service and wide color selection is what truly sets them apart from other paint brands.

Shoji White is one of Sherwin Williams’ 50 most popular paint colors, because of the bright, yet warm look of this color.

This color bridges the gap between a greige and a cream and will never make your rooms look too stark, but it can be quite difficult to find other colors that will go with the color and create just the right amount of harmony or contrast to create the exact look you are going for.

Luckily, there are various colors that will complement or contrast with bright, warm colors.

The benefits of using Sherwin Williams paint

If you visit a hardware store or browse the internet looking for paint color for your home, there are so many different brands to choose from.

Established in 1866, the Sherwin Williams paint company was and has been a beloved brand in interior and exterior paints and coverings for many years.

Sherwin Williams is a favorite amongst many professional and amateur painters, because of the high quality of the paint.

Generally speaking, the thicker the paint is, the more coverage the paint will have and the better your paint job will look once dry, and this is why many think that the Sherwin Williams paint quality warrants the slightly higher price tag.

This brand also has a variety of different product lines, including: Cashmere, Duration, Emerald and Super Paint, which also come in a variety of different finishes and other paint supplies such as brushes, rollers and frames.

If you are new to these different options, the Sherwin Williams customer service team are well-versed in educating their customers on how to get the best results when using their paint.

Another reason why Sherwin Williams paint is so popular is their incredible collection of paint colors, which have been developed over 150 plus years that this company has been in business.

This brand has collections for kids, a lifestyle collection, a historic collection and also some collaboration collections with other well-known brands like Pottery Barn and Home Garden TV.

This wide selection of colors can be overwhelming, but luckily, Sherwin Williams also has various online tools and applications to help you to pick out the exact right shade for your space.

All you need to know about Shoji White

Shoji White by Sherwin Williams (SW 7042) is a great option for a light, warm color palette.

This color was named after sliding paper screen doors, which can often be found in Japan and it mimics the color of the paper screens and the natural wood tones of the frames of these doors.

Shoji White is a cream color, with some gray-beige or “greige” tones mixed into it. This makes it an extremely warm and inviting color, with enough brightness as to not completely overwhelm your space.

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Shoji White comes in at a 74, which makes it a very light off-white color. The LRV scale stretches from 0, which is the darkest pure black to 100, which will be an extremely pure white.

This value means that Shoji White reflects back 74 percent of the light that shines onto it, making it a good choice for creating an airy and open feeling within your design.

Sherwin Williams classifies Shoji White as a greige color, but in reality, this color leans much more towards a cream color than a true greige.

Regardless, this shade has hues of cream, beige and gray but it is much more intricate than a plain light greige.

The lighting in your room can have some effect on how strong this color comes across.

In north- and east-facing rooms, this color appears much more muted, with less obvious warmth, but in south- and west-facing rooms, the warm undertones really show up prominently.

The slight green undertone in this color is what often makes people nervous when it comes to choosing other colors that would work well beside it.

What colors go with Shoji White?

Luckily, there are many different colors which look great when placed next to Shoji White.

Trim colors to go with Shoji White

If you are looking for a trim color to pair with Shoji White, it is best to go for a lighter color. This will ensure that the green and gray tones in the Shoji White do not flash or look out of place when placed next to this trim.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to choosing a trim color for your interior design color scheme is to choose a color which is at least 10 LRV points lighter or darker than your wall color.

This ensures that there will be enough differentiation between these colors to ensure that you can tell the colors apart in natural lighting.

Some options for colors that fall into this category for Shoji White include:

1. Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

This is a brighter white color, which will bring out the warmer tones in Shoji White.

2. Pure White by Sherwin Williams 

This is a very crisp white color, which will contrast just enough with Shoji White and undercut any green undertones that it might have.

3. High Reflective White by Sherwin Williams

This color will give you a very simple, clean look. This is a very neutral white color, which will give you a nice neutral backdrop to your design.

4. Whitetail by Sherwin Williams

This color is a good creamy white option, which will minimize any gray tones in your Shoji White color scheme.

Contrasting colors to go with Shoji White?

Complementary color schemes are always a good choice if you want to create a more interesting design.

Complementary colors lie opposite of each other on the color wheel and tend to stand out more when they are placed next to each other.

With Shoji White, there are two main ways to create contrast. The first is to use dark colors with a low LRV, which will create contrast with the brightness that Shoji White has.

The second way to create contrast is through opposing undertones. Using colors with cooler undertones next to Shoji White can create a lot of visual intrigue and make your design choices seem more dramatic.

5. Oyster Bay by Sherwin Williams

This is a gray-toned green color which looks great next to Shoji White. The shared green undertones to these colors mean that they tend to harmonize together and form a very coherent color palette.

6. Krypton by Sherwin Williams

This color has strong blue undertones but works well with the creamy Shoji White color.

7. Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams

This color is a darker option, which shares some of the same warm undertones that Shoji White has. This color will add a very natural, yet sophisticated feeling to your color scheme.

8. Soft Fawn by Sherwin Williams

This color is a good creamy white option, which will minimize any gray tones in your Shoji White color scheme.

9. Stardew by Sherwin Williams

This gray-blue color adds a relaxing and soothing feeling to any room. The cool undertones in this color tend to neutralize the warmer undertones in Shoji White, making it look more cream than beige.

Coordinating colors to go with Shoji White?

When you have a neutral color, such as Shoji White, it can often be a smart idea to add other coordinating neutral colors to your color scheme to create a muted and inviting overall design.

These neutral colors also allow you the freedom to add other pops of color and bold patterns in strategic places throughout your design, without making the room feel too busy and overwhelming.

10. Worldly Gray by Sherwin Williams

This color is just below Shoji White on the color card, which gives it just enough contrast to make the two colors stand out next to each other.

11. Amazing Gray by Sherwin Williams

This color is a very neutral gray color, which looks great next to Shoji White.

12. Intellectual Gray by Sherwin Williams

This is another great option if you want to keep the same warm neutral color scheme throughout your design.

Final thoughts

Among all the different paint brands, colors and finishes, Sherwin Williams has stood the test of time and still remains one of the most popular choices for paint colors. This is largely due to the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation.

Shoji White is such an innovative creamy greige color from Sherwin Williams. This color is interesting and strong even though it is on the lighter side, and this is part of the reason why it can be difficult to match to other colors in your color scheme.

However, there are several white colors that look especially good as trim colors when paired with Shoji White.

There are also contrasting and coordinating colors which work well to complement or work with this color to create interesting and harmonious colors schemes for your interior design.