What colors go with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

There is a variety of colors, ranging from cool to warm and light to dark that go perfectly with the shifting undertones of Sherwin Williams’s Sea Salt.

Choosing the perfect paint color scheme for a space may not always be a top priority, but it can be much more complicated than it seems.

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams, for instance, shifts wildly between its blue and green tones. Moreover, it works well with a variety of cool and warm tones to round out a complete and balanced color scheme.

Why crafting the perfect color scheme can be so tricky

Often, we simply see paint as the base layer that all of the fun decorative elements will go on top of. However choosing your paint color scheme is actually one of the most important steps in the design process.

Unfortunately, choosing the right paint color is about more than just choosing a shade that “speaks to you” or that simply looks inoffensive enough to work in a pinch. And designing a color palette around this color can be even trickier.

What colors go with Sherwin Williams Sea Salt?

If you are tired of always using the same neutral colors in your color schemes, then Sherwin Williams Sea Salt can be a great option to spice things up, without going too bold.

Sherwin Williams – Sea Salt (SW 6204)

Sea Salt has become a fan-favorite color choice, because of the serene and coastal atmosphere that it creates.

This is also what makes Sea Salt such an excellent choice for any space in your home in which you may want to capture that spa-like look and feel, including bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and even mud rooms.

Sea Salt gets this unique, calming quality from its cool, but earthy, combination of undertones.

Sea Salt is technically classified as a green shade with an LRV of 63, but it tends to shift between its pale blue and green-gray undertones, depending on the lighting in the room.

Yes, indeed, Sea Salt is a true chameleon color, and it may end up looking totally different in your room than it did in the store or online.

These shifts can also make it quite difficult to plan a color palette around Sea Salt, since you can never be sure exactly how the color will end up appearing.

Fortunately, just like a real-life chameleon, Sea Salt tends to blend in well with all kinds of surroundings and there is actually a very large variety of colors that go with Sea Salt.

How to incorporate Sea Salt into a color scheme

When you are planning how to incorporate a pigmented color like Sea Salt into your design color scheme, it is best to follow the old-faithful, 60-30-10 rule, which is as follows:

The 60-30-10 Rule Description How to incorporate Sea Salt
60% Main color This is the color that takes up the largest amount of visual space in the room Use Sea Salt as the all-over color on your walls
30% Secondary color This color is used half as much as the main color and is mainly there to break up the monotony Use Sea Salt on an accent wall or on your cabinets
10% Accent color This color is meant to pack a punch and adds some visual interest to the space Use Sea Salt on your shiplap or paneling for a pop of color

Then, all that is left to do is to find the other colors to round out your designs. These colors can consist of cool or warm tones and can even range from light to dark.

Do not forget that the color of furnishings, fixtures and fittings should all compliment this color scheme, too.

Cool colors that go with Sea Salt

The blue undertones in Sea Salt will be most apparent if your space lacks natural light or is on the cooler side. In this case, adding a few cool-toned shades to your Sea Salt color palette can be a great option.

Some of the best cool colors to go with Sea Salt include:

Color name Color swatch
Agreeable Gray – Sherwin Williams
Revere Pewter – Benjamin Moore
Repose Gray – Sherwin Williams

Warm colors that go with Sea Salt

Although Sea Salt is technically a cool-toned shade, it does pair well with beiges, creams and greiges, since it does have an earthy green-gray tone in warmer light.

Some of the best warm colors to pair with Sea Salt include:

Color name Color swatch
Snowbound – Sherwin Williams
Accessible Beige – Sherwin Williams
Steamed Milk – Sherwin William

Dark colors that go with Sea Salt

Sea Salt falls on the lighter end of the mid-tone wall color spectrum, which means that it will be able to stand its own next to (but not compete with) darker, more daring shades like:

Color name Color swatch
Retreat – Sherwin Williams
Ripe Olive – Sherwin Williams
Naval – Sherwin Williams
Tricorn Black – Sherwin Williams

Which trim colors work well with Sea Salt?

When you are choosing a trim color to go with Sea Salt, a crisp, bright white is always a good option. Fortunately, there are plenty of cool and warm-toned white shades that will work, including:

Color name Color swatch
Pure White – Sherwin Williams
White Dove – Benjamin Moore
Spare White – Sherwin Williams
High Reflective White – Sherwin Williams

If you really want a bold look, choosing one of the dark color options mentioned above as your trim color can be a great option. Just remember to ensure that there is at least a 10 LRV difference between this shade and Sea Salt.

Furniture, fixture and fitting options that go with Sea Salt

Sea Salt works especially well in coastal-themed color schemes and as a result, furniture, fittings and fixtures that fall into this same category tend to work very well with the color.

This includes elements like sandy colored pillows, rattan furniture, blue, green and other, earthy décor items.

If you are having trouble picking out colors that go with the rest of your Sea Salt color scheme while you are out and about, it may be worth your while to consider getting a colorimeter to help you categorize and organize your colors.

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