8 absolute best blue-gray paint colors for a modern take on the industrial gray

The most popular blue-gray paint colors can be divided into three categories for light, mid-tone, and dark shades and each has its own reason for standing out.

Using blue-gray colors in your design can help you capture a feeling that the space is modern and sophisticated.

In order to narrow down the exact best blue-gray paint color for your design, you should start by choosing a light, mid-tone, or dark color and then consider various popular shades from there.

The color psychology of blue-gray paint

Colors not only influence the style and look of your room, but they can also influence how you feel and your emotions when you are in the room.

When considered separately, gray paint colors can make a room and design feel balanced and blue paint colors can have a calming effect.

However, blue-gray paint colors seemingly carry the best emotions of both of these colors. Using blue-gray paint shades in a design makes the design feel sophisticated and understated.

What are the most popular blue-gray paint colors?

This sophistication is part of what has made the various blue-gray paint colors that are available on the market so popular over the last few years amongst designers, professionals, and homeowners alike.

Blue-gray paint colors can either be seen as either blue paint with gray mixed into it or grey paint with noticeable blue undertones, and it comes in a variety of hues.

The other reason why blue-gray paint colors have become so popular is because these colors can give you a modern take on the industrial gray or traditional nautical color schemes that were popular in the past.

Outside of these industrial and nautical design styles, a blue-gray color palette is quite versatile and it can work for a number of different rooms and styles throughout your home.

This is why, even though choosing a blue-gray shade as your primary color does not necessarily narrow down your choices when it comes to paint colors, because it is so popular and versatile, many manufacturers have a few blue-gray options to choose from.

In order to help you make your decision about which blue-gray paint color will be ideal for your space, it is important to consider whether you are looking for a light, mid-tone, or dark paint color and then work with the most popular choices in each category.

This will help you distinguish more clearly between similar colors when they are compared to each other, instead of being overwhelmed by all of the choices when it comes to popular blue-gray paint colors.

The most popular light blue-gray paint colors

Light blue-gray paint colors are popular in bedrooms and bathrooms because they create a soothing and soft color scheme that is still modern and unique.

Some of the most popular shades in this category and the reasons why designers and DIY experts prefer them over other shades include:

1. Boothbay Gray – Benjamin Moore (HC-165)

This color leans closer to gray, but the blue tinge gives it a feminine softness

2. Aged Gray – Rust-oleum (285143)

This color has a chalk-like finish and is great for repainting furniture pieces

3. Rock Candy – Sherwin-Williams (SW 6231)

A neutral and understated blue-gray color

The most popular mid-tone blue-gray paint colors

Mid-tone blue-gray paint colors are especially effective if you want to create a sophisticated but impactful design, as they are more noticeable within a design than a lighter color that may blend into the background.

Some of the most popular colors in this category and the reason they stand out can be summarised as follows:

4. Serious Gray – Sherwin-Williams (SW 6256)

A chameleon color that is dramatic and makes a statement

5. Nimbus Gray – Benjamin Moore (2131-50)

This color shifts between a blue-green and gray shade, which makes it quite interesting to work with

6. Gray/Ocean of Blue – Microblend

This paint has great coverage, and it can be used in a variety of ways

The most popular dark blue-gray paint colors

If you really want to go all-out with a modern design that has stark contrasts and striking accents, a deep, dark blue-gray may be the right choice for you. Some of the best blue-gray colors that have become very popular include:

7. Gentleman’s Gray – Benjamin Moore (2062-20)

This color leans heavily towards blue and works well in a masculine design

8. Iron Ore – Sherwin-Williams (SW 7069)

This color is extremely dark and makes a statement without looking like any other navy paint