Waterfall Market to host Fiery Foods Festival

Waterfall Market has announced its upcoming event, the Fiery Foods Festival, which will be showcasing a selection of hot and spicy food from local vendors.

Waterfall Market shared an Instagram post on Friday, 13 November 2020, informing patrons that it will be hosting the Fiery Foods Festival on Sunday, 29 November 2020. The festival is said to be a celebration of all things spicy and will offer a wide selection of pungent consumables for attendees to try out. According to the post, the festival will be showcasing everything from sauces and salsa to gourmet street food, drinks and desserts.

A main attraction of the day is the Hot Chilli-Eating Contest, where attendees can enter for a chance to win a number of prizes. The contestants will be made to eat different types of chillies, all at different heat levels, in order to see who has the most tolerance. The Waterfall Market opens every Sunday from 9:00 until 17:00, with a R10 entrance fee applicable to all attendees.

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Sayushka Naidoo

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