Was Junkyard Empire cancelled?

Junkyard Empire is no longer airing on television, and with no new updates on the horizon, Andy Cohen has taken to YouTube to start anew.

Every year, our favorite (and not-so favorite) television networks and studios work through heaps of information about viewership numbers, relative production costs, resource availability, market trend predictions and a few other key indicators in order to determine which shows they will be keeping around for another season, and which shows they will bid adieu to.

And, each year, millions of fans around the world hope that their favorite shows will be brought back for another season.

Unfortunately, between all of this cancellation and renewal dramas, there are a select few shows that get stuck in a television purgatory of sorts, where they have not been officially cancelled, but they have also not been renewed, either.

In most cases, for the fans, this in-between place is usually worse than an outright cancellation, as they are stuck longing for new content without any indication as to if and when this content will ever arrive.

The story behind Junkyard Empire’s prolonged absence

This has sadly been the reality for many Junkyard Empire fans who have been stuck without any new episodes since the end of the show’s fifth season in February of 2020.

And while Warner Bros. Discovery has technically still not put out any official word that the show has been cancelled – it is pretty fair to assume that Junkyard Empire is a rusty pile of scrap metal after more than four years off the air.

The good news, however, is that the Junkyard Empire knight in shining armor, Andy Cohen, has refused to let this fan-favorite show disappear without a trace and has now taken to YouTube to reboot the show in a brand-new format.

Junkyard Empire on television

Before you jump into watching the new Junkyard Empire content that you can get your hands on, it might be worth your while to ensure that you are all caught up on the show’s original five seasons.

Junkyard Empire’s first five seasons can be summarized as follows:

Season Episodes Initial air dates
Season 1 8 April 22, 2015, to June 3, 2015
Season 2 8 May 4, 2016, to June 22, 2016
Season 3 12 April 12, 2017, to June 28, 2017
Season 4 12 July 11, 2018, to September 26, 2018
Season 5 12 November 26, 2019, to February 25, 2020

Why was the show cancelled?

There has been no official word on why Junkyard Empire was pulled off the air in 2020, or why the show has never returned for another season.

And apart from saying that “The Current State of Damascus Motors & How TV isn’t How it Seems” in a recent Facebook post, Andy has also not revealed much about what has happened since the show’s fifth season stopped airing.

However, given the fact that Andy has now taken it upon himself to share his work and the work of the Damascus Motors team on a brand-new platform, it is fair to assume that Andy was not the one holding up the process behind the scenes and it is much more likely that some good old-fashioned bureaucracy has been keeping the show off the air for this long.

Is JunkyardEmpireTV the same as Junkyard Empire?

The JunyardEmpireTV YouTube channel may have been born out of a desire to continue the legacy of the Junkyard Empire show, but it is not a carbon copy of the epic automotive restoration program which fans have grown to love over the years.

For a start, the JunkyardEmpireTV channel dives deeper into behind-the-scenes details on Andy’s love for cars, investments and collecting.

And whereas the original show had a large cast of characters who would help out in and around the Cohens’ various businesses, this revamped version  mostly features a now, white-haired Andy working by himself.

What the Junkyard Empire team has been up to

Although we have not been able to see Andy and the rest of the Damascus Motors team take on new projects on their show, they have not exactly been laying low since the filming of season five wrapped.

According to what Andy has shared via the JunyardEmpireTV YouTube channel, they have worked on numerous projects over the past couple of years.

This very surprisingly includes a few of the cars that avid fans may recognize from the Junkyard Empire television show, which Andy has explained were “television-ready” and not “ready-to-go” once filming had wrapped.

It also includes a few exciting new projects like an electric truck and a formerly waterlogged boat, which Andy has diligently been sharing via the JunkyardEmpireTV YouTube channel.