Top 16 paint colors that go with dark wood floors

Developing a cohesive color scheme can help you to pick paint colors that go well with your dark wood floors and the rest of your house.

A cohesive color scheme can help you to create a through-line throughout the different rooms of your house.

Creating a color scheme that suits your own personal style and the style of your house can help you to choose colors for each room that go with each other, and make your house feel like it has one cohesive design.

Darker floors can present a challenge when you want to create such a cohesive color scheme.

In order to choose a wall paint color that will go with the color of your dark wood floors, you will need to carefully examine the undertones present in these floors.

From there, you can develop a color scheme which coordinates with these undertones, or one which contrasts with these undertones can help you to create a unique design within the interior of your home.

There are several different paint colors with warmer and cooler undertones, which will work well within a color scheme with dark wood floors.

The importance of a cohesive color scheme

The colors in your house have many purposes. This color scheme must match your own personal preference and suit the style and size of your house.

The colors that you select for the interior design of your house should also connect the different rooms to each other and create a flow from one space to the next, to ensure that your house’s design feels like one cohesive whole.

The easiest way to ensure that the colors you choose for you interior, which includes the colors of the flooring, the walls, the cabinets, the trim, the furniture, the art and anything else in your rooms, all go together, is to create a cohesive color scheme.

A color scheme can be seen as the story that you would like your house to tell, described in colors.

This color scheme will help you to determine the style, look and feel of your overall design and help you to choose colors within each room, which will still fall into this overall design.

Tips for matching floor and wall colors

Creating this type of color scheme when you have dark wood floors can be quite challenging, as dark floors can sometimes make a space feel smaller and cave-like if these floors are not paired with the right paint colors.

There are many different approaches to creating a cohesive color scheme with dark wood floors. However, it is usually best to start with what you already have.

In this instance, whether you already have dark wood floors or you just have your heart set on installing dark wood floors, it is best to base the rest of your color scheme around this element that you are sure of, to guide the rest of your color scheme.

This means that you will have to closely examine your dark wood floors, before you start considering different paint colors for your walls.

When you look at your wooden floors and the darker grain colors present in these floors, it is usually apparent that your wood has some undertones to it.

These undertones can consist of red and orange colors, like those in cherry and red oak, which will give your wood a warm undertone.

It is also possible for these colors to be more yellow or brown, which would give you a very neutral undertone. Or these undertones could lean more to blue and purple, which usually happens with ebony and gray-washed wood floors, for a cooler undertone.

Knowing which undertone is present in your wood floors is important, as this will help you to determine which approach to your wall color you would like to follow.

There are different approaches to matching floor and wall colors. Choosing a coordinating scheme will mean that you match the undertones in both colors, where contrasting schemes will juxtapose the undertones for a more visually interesting look.

In the end, your color scheme really depends on your own preferences and design style, but there are several tried and tested wall color and dark wood floor color combinations, which can help you on your way to developing your own color scheme for your space.

Top 16 paint colors that go with dark wood floors

Greige colors that go with dark wood floors

It can be difficult to find a gray paint with the same undertones as your dark wood floor. This is why it is always a smart idea to include a gray-beige, also known as “greige”, color in your color scheme if you have dark wood floors.

This ensures that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to the calming neutrality of gray and the versatile warmth of a beige color.

Greige colors are popular, because these colors work very well to bring together both cooler and warmer colors within your design, to create a more cohesive color scheme.

These greige colors come in a variety of hues, from very warm to almost cool, and from cream colors to darker almost tan colors.

This is why it is always best to swatch these colors in the rooms which you want to use them in, in order to see what the color will look like in your lighting and with your dark hardwood floors.

Using a light greige color will place most of the focus on your beautiful dark wood floors but using a darker greige can create a very warm and welcoming space. Some of these different greige colors include:

Shade Brand Undertone Color swatch
Revere Pewter Benjamin Moore Warm
Abalone Benjamin Moore Warm
Gray Owl Benjamin Moore Cool
Balboa Mist Benjamin Moore Warm
Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore Warm
Repose Gray Sherwin Williams Warm
Agreeable Gray Sherwin Williams Warm

Green and blue colors that go with dark wood floors

Green and blue have become very popular interior design colors, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. These colors go well with darker wood floors, as they add to the modern aesthetic of the darker wood floors.

Lighter blues can add a spa-like relaxing mood to a space, and therefore, a lighter blue color works well in gathering spaces such as living rooms and kitchens.

Darker blue and green colors work well with darker wood floors, to create a calming and moody atmosphere in the bedrooms.

Blue and green colors are usually pretty steely and cold, which means that blue and green colors will work especially well if there are other cool gray colors in your overall color scheme.

Light colors like pastel blues can also help to add some brightness to a space with darker wood floors.

This makes pastel blue colors a smart color to add to the color scheme of a smaller room, as this color, when paired with a dark wood floor, can help the space to feel much bigger and brighter.

Some examples of blue and green colors that go with dark wood floors are as follows:

Shade Brand Undertone Color swatch
Mild Blue Sherwin Williams Cool
Icelandic Sherwin Williams Cool
Windy Blue Sherwin Williams Cool
Celestial Sherwin Williams Cool
Hale Navy Benjamin Moore Cool
Liberty Park Benjamin Moore Cool

Purple colors that go with dark wood floors

Modern color schemes tend to lean more towards the cooler side of the color spectrum, so colors like blues and purples can help you to create a very modern color scheme for your space, regardless of your design style.

Purple colors play well in color schemes with dark wood floors. Purple colors also tend to have a good mix between cooler and warmer tones, which matches to the undertones in the dark wood flooring.

Light purple shades work in much the same way as pastel blue shades. These shades add some brightness, but also some personality to your rooms and can help you to create an airy and fun overall color scheme.

This pastel look also works well for farm style dining rooms and kitchens with dark wood floors.

Shade Brand Undertone Color swatch
Potentially Purple Sherwin Williams Cool
Violet Dusk Benjamin Moore Warm
Irises Benjamin Moore Cool

Final thoughts

Creating a cohesive color scheme for the interior of your home is important to ensure that your design style is consistent throughout your home.

One of the easiest ways to ensure this cohesion is through creating a color scheme which either complements or coordinates with the undertones which are already present in your dark wood floors, to set the tone for the rest of your design.

There are many different colors that will work well with dark wood floors, including:

  • greige colors, which could help you to create a more neutral color scheme
  • blue and green colors which add a calming look and feel to your space
  • purple colors which can add a fun pop of bright color to your overall color scheme and room design.