Tips for matching wall paint colors and dark wood floors in your living room

Dark wood floors add warmth and drama to your living room design, and pair well with different warm and cool-toned wall paint colors.

Dark wood floors are a popular choice, because of the sophisticated, classic look that they add to a room.

This dark wood style is especially suited towards living room designs, because of the natural warmth that wood has and the stylish touch that a deep, dark color adds to the room.

The exact type, age and stains of the wood used on your floors will be an important consideration when you are planning the rest of your living room design, because these factors will influence the tone and color of your floors.

The key to matching the rest of your color scheme, including the wall paint color(s), to your dark wood floors, is to achieve the right balance of colors and tones in the room, in order to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Dark wood floors for living rooms

Dark wood flooring, whether it is hardwood, engineered wood, vinyl or laminate, can add a sense of drama and sophistication to your space.

The classic look of wood flooring is amplified when it is in deep, rich, dark brown, and even black tones. This can really help you set the standard and tone for the rest of your room’s design.

Dark wood floors are a popular choice for many rooms throughout a house, including offices and bedrooms, but they are especially popular in and for high traffic areas like living rooms.

These darker wood flooring options can range in shades from chocolate brown and burgundy, and all the way through to almost black, ebony tones.

This means that even in the “dark” category, there is more than enough variety to choose from for you to find the perfect tone, style, and finish for your budget, quality, and style needs.

The shine of dark wood floors adds to the welcoming look and feel and can help you to create a room design that feels luxurious, with a lot of modern contrast.

Living room wall paint colors for dark wood floors

Although dark wood floors are a popular choice, there are always many factors that go into planning the design and color scheme of a room.

An existing feature like dark wood floors can make this process feel even more complicated. However, really dark wood floors can actually be quite simple to design with, because this color usually ends up looking fairly neutral once it is in the space.

It is always best to plan before you start with your interior design and color scheme for a living room with dark wood floors. This includes deciding on the tone and style that you would like your living room to be.

Choosing whether you would like a fun and playful, sophisticated modern, vintage, farmhouse, industrial, or any other design style as well as the tone you envision, can help you to make other decisions later on in the design process.

When you are planning your color scheme around an existing feature, like dark hardwood floors, you should first take a closer look at the tone and colors in this feature.

Even though dark hardwood floors are considered fairly neutral, the type of wood, age of the floors and type of stains used over it can influence the overall tones of the wood.

Some wood floors or stains may have more red, brown, blue, or even gray tones that you will need to keep in mind when you choose paint colors for the walls in your living room.

When the naturally warm tones that can be found in any wooden features are combined with a darker color, the resulting look of your space can be dramatic and striking.

This makes for a good amount of natural warmth in your space, which will make your living room feel more comfortable and welcoming, while at the same time having a sophisticated and formal look and feel, which can make the room feel stylish and modern at the same time.

The key to choosing the best wall color that will match with dark wood floors in your living room, is achieving the right balance between tones, so that your design will be stylish yet functional.

There are several options to consider when it comes to general categories of wall paint colors, which will each help you capture a specific look and feel for your living room.

Gray wall paint colors for living rooms with dark wood floors

Gray wall paint is an excellent choice for your living room with dark wood floors, because the gray color will accentuate the contemporary and sophisticated mood of the darker tones in the wood.

Also, gray colors can vary drastically in terms of darkness and undertones, which means that you should be able to find just the right combination of floor color and wall color to suit your space.

Lighter gray wall paint will brighten up your living room by reflecting light throughout the room, but a darker gray wall paint can help you create a cozy ambience within your living room.

Cool-toned grays with blue and purple undertones will contrast with the warm tones in your wood, which may help you to tone down any red or orange undertones in your wood.

Warm grays, on the other hand, with beige and brown undertones, will blend and visually flow into your floors, for a neutral and calm look. The choice really comes down to the design style you envisioned for the room and your personal preference.

Some examples of gray wall paint colors that have been proven to work with dark wood floors in each of these categories are:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch Value Undertone
Cement Gray Benjamin Moore 2112-60 Light Cool
Pashmina Benjamin Moore AF-100 Light Warm
Anchor Gray Benjamin Moore 2126-30 Dark Cool
Chelsea Gray Benjamin Moore HC-168 Dark Warm

 Light, warm wall paint colors for living rooms with dark wood floors

Many people prefer more neutral, lighter colors for their living rooms, as this is a communal space that often needs to appeal to more than one person in the household.

Warm colors like creams and beiges can make a room feel comfortable and inviting, which makes them excellent choices for living rooms, where people gather and relax.

It is best to use warm undertones when you are working with bigger spaces like living rooms, because light colors that lean towards a cooler undertone, can look quite stark once they are on the walls and this can potentially make your space feel clinical and cold.

The warmer tones should also harmonize with the naturally warmer tones in your wooden floors, which should create a coordinating, neutral color scheme throughout your living room.

This fairly neutral, yet slightly warm color scheme, should allow you some room in the design to add more color and visually textural patterns in other places throughout your living room, without you having to worry about the room becoming too busy.

Some examples of these lighter, warm colors include:

Shade name Brand name Color code Color swatch
Accessible Beige Sherwin-Williams 7036
Alabaster Sherwin-Williams 7008
Abalone Benjamin Moore 2108-60
Balanced Beige Sherwin-Williams 7037

 Cool-toned wall paint colors for living rooms with dark wood floors

Cool-toned colors like blue and green can add a very relaxing and calm mood to your living room.

This is an excellent choice if you want your living room to be a calming space, where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of life and the outside world.

Choosing a blue or green wall paint color also allows you to create a more colorful look than the warm, light, and gray colors would.

However, these blue and green colors work better when they are a lighter shade, so that there is some contrast with the darkness of your wooden floors.

Some examples of these cool-toned colors are:

Shade Brand Color code Color swatch
Rainwashed Sherwin-Williams 6211
Palest Pistachio Benjamin Moore 2122-60
Pale Smoke Benjamin Moore 1584
Respite Sherwin-Williams 6514

Final thoughts

Dark wood floors are a good choice if you want to create a living room design that is striking, but still formal.

However, the floors are just one part of the design, and the color scheme of the rest of the room will have to match the color of your floors, or the whole design will not work.

The best way to find wall paint colors that will match with your dark wood floors, is to plan the style and look that you want for your living room carefully before the time.

And then also to take note of the exact color and tone of your wood floors, so that you can make informed decisions when you visit the hardware store to choose your paint colors.

From there, you can choose whether you prefer a gray, warm-neutral or even cool-toned paint color for the wall, depending on your personal taste and the design style that you want to achieve.