Timing Is everything: When to put up your fall decorations

If you’re wondering when can you decorate for fall, then the answer is easy: generally start decorating for the fall season by the end of September, or when you notice that the weather is becoming colder.

There are many reasons to decorate seasonally and for the holidays, and this can guarantee that your home designs stay exciting and fresh.

Generally, you can start decorating for the fall season when the seasons start changing. However, there are a couple of things to consider if you want your timing to be just right.

Is seasonal decorating really necessary?

Chances are, if you searched for the appropriate time to start decorating your home with fall décor this year, you will agree that seasonal decorating is necessary.

Decorating your home seasonally can be a great way to add some extra cheer and excitement to the interior and exterior of your home.

Seasonal decorations are also a great way to break up the design of your home, so that you do not get tired of the same-old, same-old too soon.

In the end, if you enjoy it, that makes it worthwhile, and you should continue decorating your home if and when you please.

When can I decorate for fall?

Fall decorations are some of the most popular amongst seasonal decorators, because of the natural and warm feeling that these decorations bring to any home.

However, between the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holiday decorating, it can be difficult to determine when the right time is to start decorating your home for the fall season.

Although it seems like stores are putting out their seasonal decorations earlier and earlier every year, the key with well-timed seasonal decorations for your own home is to choose a time when you will have enough time to fully enjoy all of your fall decorations, but not to leave them up so long that they impede with other holidays or that the household members get sick of looking at the decorations.

A good broad indication of when you can decorate for fall season is when you notice the seasons start changing.

This change in season will be characterised by cooler days and nights, leaves starting to change color, and a noticeable colder breeze in the air, which should be felt towards the end of September or early October.

However, there are also some other rules of thumb to keep in mind so that you can get your timing for your fall decorations spot on.

It is also vital that you consider the kind of decorations that you will be using and what the delivery time or even shelf life of these decorations may be.

There are also some fall decorations that you will be able to keep throughout Halloween, so that there is slightly more flexibility in your seasonal decorating schedule.

Rules of thumb for timing in terms of fall decorations

In general, seasonal decorating for summer, fall, winter, and spring should start when you notice the weather changing, but since fall decorations are sandwiched between so many other holidays, there are a few other things to keep in mind with regard to decorating, such as:

  • Start planning your decorations at the beginning of September to give yourself enough time to plan your designs and shop around
  • Do your decorating in sections, phasing in more subtle décor first, and then moving on to the obvious pumpkins and hay later on

How the kind of decorations you use can affect your timing

The kind of decorations that you are using may also influence how early you need to start with your fall decorating plans.

Simple decorations, like these fall-themed AVOIN Fall Watercolor Pumpkin Throw Pillow Covers, that can be ordered online, delivered quickly, and placed onto your pillows on the same day, do not necessarily need to be purchased too far ahead of time.

On the other hand, more involved decorations, such as lights, like this Maple Leaf garland from Rocinha, take longer and you need to start planning earlier.

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Flexible decorating options for fall

Another great way to ensure that you get your timing right during this busy time of the year is to find decorations that can all work as fall, Halloween, or even thanksgiving decorations. This way, you can decorate early and just leave the decorations up.

In this case, fake pumpkins, like these Mixed Artificial Pumpkins are a great option, as they do not have a limited shelf life and can work for several different themes.

Another option is subtle décor, like this Knit Throw, which is not obviously fall-themed, but has the same warm, natural feeling which will not make it seem like you started decorating too early.

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