The real reason why Alaska Monsters was cancelled

Destination America never explained why Alaska Monsters was never renewed, but the channel’s new focus on wrestling likely had something to do with it.

While there are tons of cryptid-research and paranormal-investigation shows on television currently, there are very few shows that appeal as much to casual watchers and internet trolls, as they do to true believers.

And this is due largely to the fact that the Destination America show, Alaska Monsters, somehow disappeared without a trace at the end of its second season.

Putting Alaska Monsters’ cancellation into context

To be perfectly clear, Alaska Monsters is still available on a variety of platforms, but the show was suddenly cancelled without an explanation in 2015, though its sister-show, Mountain Monsters continues to air new seasons currently.

And while it is compelling to believe that there might be some sinister shenanigans afoot when such a widely beloved show is unceremoniously ripped from the airwaves – the reality may come down to something as simple as a viewership show-down.

While we do not have the exact viewership and ratings figures for Alaska Monsters’ second season, we do know that Destination America had its best quarter ever in the first few months of 2015.

Sadly, though, Alaska Monsters was not the main reason why the channel saw such an uptick in popularity (it was actually the TNA’s Impact Wrestling Debut, which brought in close to half a million new viewers).

And it is quite likely that a shift in focus resulting from this great wrestling success is what ultimately earned Destination America its place on the cutting room floor.

Alaska Monsters in a nutshell

Alaska Monsters took us on journeys through all the parts of the Alaskan wilderness in search of answers about mysteries ranging from giant wolves to livestock-hungry predators with big feet.

And it can sometimes be difficult to believe that all of this action happened in just a few episodes.

But if you do ever get the urge to re-live some of the team’s most exciting moments, the series can be summarized as follows:

Alaska Monsters Season Episodes Initial air date
Season 1
  1. Central Alaska’s Bigfoot
  2. The Saberwolf
  3. The Otterman
  4. The Northern Giant
  5. The Alaskan Tiger
  6. The Sasquatch of the South
September 12, 2014, to October 17, 2014
Season 2
  1. Bigfoot of the Arctic Circle: Siberian Giant
  2. Bigfoot of Denali: Windwalker
  3. Bigfoot of Tok: Yukon Howler
  4. Bigfoot of Cache Creek: Woodsman
  5. Bigfoot of Bear Country: Thunderfoot
  6. Bigfoot of Cook Inlet: Water Stalker
  7. Bigfoot of Matanuska: Klondike Crawler
  8. Bigfoot of Copper Valley: Red Devil
September 19, 2015, to November 7, 2015

Did the Alaska Monsters team run out of cryptids?

While production companies usually worry about things like concrete viewership numbers and filming budgets, one of the reigning theories among Alaska Monsters fans is that the show may have run out of bigfoot-like creatures to investigate.

Fortunately, the legends surrounding this specific cryptic range far and wide – and, as it turns out, there are likely more than 50 different types of bigfoot creatures (though some sources place this number closer to 6,000) to investigate.

So while a conspiracy theory within a show that hunts cryptids is always a compelling narrative, it seems like the Alaska Monster team were relatively spoilt for choice when it came to their future sasquatch and yeti investigations.

An update on the Alaska Monsters team

While Alaska Monsters seems to have run its course (at least for now), it seems like most of the show’s cast still calls the great state of Alaska home.

In fact, the team’s season two leader Tom Cruickshank, has taken up beekeeping, now that he no longer has to devote all of his time to filming a television show.

Will the show ever return to television?

It has now been almost a nine years since the last episode of Alaska Monsters aired, and yet, there are still fans who are begging for the show to return to its rightful place in the Destination America lineup.

And while a comeback seems highly unlikely at this point in time – you can never say “never” when it comes to television renewals.

Alaska Monsters still clearly has an extremely loyal fanbase, and with its sister-show, Mountain Monsters still going strong (and a slew of other bigfoot-hunting-type shows still on television) there is certainly an opportunity for the show to be brought back.

However, since there has been no official announcement (or even so much as an online rumor) suggesting that Alaska Monsters will be returning  for a third season, it may be safest not to get your hopes up for a renewal anytime soon.