The new Farmer Wants a Wife 2024 schedule

Farmer Wants a Wife is back for an exciting second season, which will be airing weekly on FOX.

Can we get a “yee haw?” Because FOX’s version of the hit international show, Farmer Wants a Wife, has officially returned for its second season on the air.

In case you missed it, this show takes the all-too-familiar dating show format and flips it on its head.

It challenges a group of single ladies looking for love to venture outside of their comfort zones (and outside of the city limits) to try and find love while living, working and dating on a farmer’s farm – all while being surrounded by multiple other ladies who are trying to get to know the farmer as well.

When will new episodes of Farmer Wants a Wife season 2 air?

FOX officially announced the second season of Farmer Wants a Wife on May 15, 2023 (just a few days before the first season aired its nail-biting finale episode).

And, after more than eight months of waiting, this new love- and drama-filled season has now finally arrived, and it came just in time for the month of love.

New episodes of Farmer Wants a Wife season two air on Thursdays in the coveted 9 p.m. Eastern Time, 8 p.m. Central Time timeslot and will be available to stream the very next day on Hulu (and online via the FOX website).

The Farmer Wants a Wife season 2 lineup

The second season of Farmer Wants a Wife officially kicked off on February 1, 2024.

If you want to make sure that you are all caught up on the Farmer Wants a Wife excitement that has happened to date, the episodes which have aired thus far can be outlined as follows:

Date Episode Title
February 1, 2024 Season 2, episode 1 “Meet the new Farmers”
February 8, 2024 Season 2, episode 2 “Welcome to the Farms”
February 15, 2024 Season 2, episode 3 “Tailgates and Tantrums”
February 22, 2024 Season 2, episode 4 “You Need to Step up Your Flirting Game”
February 29, 2024 Season 2, episode 5 “Steers, Fear and Tears”

All about the Farmer Wants a Wife season 2 cast

Unlike many of the international versions of this show, the second season of FOX’s version of Farmer Wants a Wife has kept things intimate.

Season two profiles only four new farmers who have been paired up with five carefully-selected women each, as follows:

Farmers Partners
Ty Ferrel
  • Amy Bryant
  • Brooke Wyman
  • Erin Sossamon
  • Megan Lay
  • Melody Fernandez
Mitchell Kolinsky
  • Brittany Dickinson
  • Kait Smith
  • Kiana Clemente
  • Melanie Shaner
  • Sydney Errera
Nathan Smothers
  • Allye Wright
  • Kristin Force
  • Makenzie Wayman
  • Rachel Woods
  • Taylor
Brandon Rogers
  • Annellyse Munroe
  • Brooklyn Bushnell
  • Grace Girard
  • Joy Mayfield
  • Reba Wood

And finally, to round it all out, Jennifer Nettles has returned to the show to reprise her role as host for this new season.

The locations that you will get to see this season

It looks like the producers may just have decided to kick things up a notch with season two, as we have a lot more agricultural variety – so to speak – this time around.

Where most of the farmers from season one of Farmer Wants a Wife branded themselves as ranch hands, this second season has a potato and barley farmer (Brandon), a citrus and cattle farmer (Nathan), a roper (Ty), and even a first-generation farmer (Mitchell).

As a result, the show takes us right across the United States to locations like Colorado, Tennessee, Florida and Missouri, in order to follow the exploits of these farmers and their new love-interests.

What to expect for the rest of this new season

There is no doubt that we will all have to tune in until the very last minute of this second season of Farmer Wants a Wife to see how all of the budding (and slightly awkward) new relationships play out.

However, before this season hit the air, the show’s host let it slip that the season two ladies are more “emotional, electric and reactive.”

So it seems that fans can expect to see not only sparks, but perhaps a few snide comments flying in some of this season’s upcoming episodes.

And from what we have seen of this season so far, it seems like there will be plenty of tears, plenty of dates, plenty of kisses, plenty of fireworks (both real and metaphorical), and possibly even a self-elimination, before this season is over.

Be sure to tune in to FOX to watch the sixth episode on Thursday, March 6, 2024 (in the show’s usual 9/8c p.m. timeslot) to see what unfolds next.

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