The new Expedition X season premieres with “Transylvanian Terror”

The very first episode of Expedition X season seven, takes the team to Hoia Baciu, the sight of Josh Gates’s most terrifying paranormal encounter.

Expert explorer Josh Gates, along with paranormal expert, Jessica Chobot, and scientist Phil Torres, have now officially returned to the world of the mysterious and the unexplained for a brand new series of their show, Expedition X.

Unlike Josh’s claim-to-fame Expedition Unknown, Expedition X takes a more theoretical approach in order to investigate problems of the extraterrestrial and paranormal variety.

A recap of the season seven premiere episode

If ghosts, ghouls and grizzlies are your thing – buckle up, because the seventh season of Expedition X has started out on a terrifying note.

The season seven premiere episode, titled “Transylvanian Terror,” sees the Expedition X team going all the way to Romania to re-hash one of Josh’s most terrifying supernatural experiences.

In this episode, the team find themselves rather lost and scared in the middle of the reportedly very haunted Hoia Baciu to investigate a few unsettling local legends and the reason for the perfect circle at the center of the forest.

However, it seems as though their investigations might have struck a chord with someone or something living (or hiding) deep within this perplexing forest.

Moreover, Jess ends up in a very compromising situation with an unknown figure watching over her.

All about Expedition X season 7

The “Transylvania Terror” episode is chocked-full of paranormal action, and it is only the first of many season seven episodes yet to come.

If you want to see Josh, Jess, Phil and their team travel all around the world investigating all of the paranormal mysteries that you could dream of, you need to tune in weekly for brand-new episodes.

The most important details for Expedition X season seven can be summarized as follows:

Detail Description
Show Expedition X
Premiere date February 7, 2024
Timeslot Wednesdays at 9 p.m.
Episodes 22
Where to watch New episodes will air on Discovery and will be available to stream on Max

A look back at the episode that started it all

The “Transylvania Terror” episode has definitely started season seven of Expedition X with a bang. But as Josh explained in this episode, his history with the Hoia Bachu forest actually dates back quite a few years.

When Josh first visited this now-infamously haunted Romanian forest, it was for his other world-wide adventuring show, Destination Truth.

And while Josh and the rest of the crew have become pretty accustomed to seeing their fair share of wild and unexplained things through the years – it seems like the memory of the Destination Truth cameraman, Evan Stone, being pulled or flung by an unknown entity has haunted both Josh and viewers of the show alike, ever since.

In fact, according to Evan’s recent Instagram post, he still has the scars to remind him of this bone-chilling incident, all these years later.

The new Expedition X season premieres with “Transylvanian Terror”

The Hoia Bachu curse continues

The Hoia Baciu forest may have earned its place on Josh’s list of most frightening places many years ago, but it seems like Jessica may now be able to add it to hers as well.

Jessica explained in an Instagram post, (which was meant to promote the premiere episode of season seven,) that she had some strange experiences in Romania herself.

She stated “I was VERY sick when we were doing one of the night investigations (fever, sinuses, the works). At one point, in the forest area with the twisted trees, I SWEAR I heard someone calling my name.”

The new Expedition X season premieres with “Transylvanian Terror”

This experience may not be quite as perplexing as Josh’s first experience in the area, but it is frightening nonetheless.

What you can expect for the rest of Expedition X season 7

Expedition X has certainly never held back when it comes to on-screen drama, and considering everything that we have seen in this first episode, it seems like season seven will be no different.

The next episode will take Josh, Jess and Phil a little closer to home as they travel to Alaska to investigate a few frightening reports of a dangerous sasquatch which has been wreaking havoc in the area.

Beyond that, the team will push themselves to the limits by visiting some of the most haunted and eerie locations in America (and across the world) for the remainder of this exciting season, as they continue on their quest to investigate the unknown.

And if this first episode is any indication, it will take much more than a few flashing lights and unexplained occurrences to sidetrack the Expedition Unknown team from their mission to solve some of the world’s most puzzling paranormal mysteries.