The most shocking revelations from the Belle Collective season 4 reunion

The Belle Collective season four reunion is not over yet, but the cast has already revealed quite a few never-heard-before details.

The fourth season of OWN’s Belle Collective first started airing back in November of 2023.

But even though this season technically only spanned over eight episodes (not counting the three-part reunion special) a lot has happened since that first rodeo.

Not only have we seen the rift between Latrice and Lateshia grow exponentially in the last couple of months, but we have also seen fights with the in-laws, with the best friends, and between spouses.

Fortunately, this season did also have some high points, with Tambra welcoming a new baby just weeks before the reunion was filmed, Marie’s mother getting the help that she needs and some of the Belles being honored at the State Capitol.

All about the Belle Collective season 4 reunion

However, in classic Belle Collective fashion, an exciting and dramatic season only makes for an even more exciting and dramatic reunion special.

And since we are now two parts deep into exposing all of the stories-behind-the-stories of exactly what happened on Belle Collective season four, it is about time to round up the most shocking and unexpected things that have come to light thus far.

Belle Collective season 4 in a nutshell

Belle Collective has certainly never held back when it comes to exposing drama, but season four has been one of the most dramatic and unexpected seasons of the show that we have seen thus far.

All in all, season four can be summarized as follows:

Episode Title
Episode 1 Belle Biv De Rodeo
Episode 2 Bromance Before Romance
Episode 3 No Belle Piece Prize
Episode 4 Glenning Even
Episode 5 Love Under New Management
Episode 6 Funk Around and Find Out
Episode 7 Ribs with a Side of Beef
Episode 8 Capitol Punishment
Episode 9 Season 4 Reunion: Part 1
Episode 10 Season 4 reunion: Part 2

Was Latrice drunk during the panel?

One of the biggest lingering issues from season four of Belle Collective, which apparently had not been resolved by the time that the reunion was filmed, is everything that happened at the panel.

But although it seems like Latrice and Lateshia will just have to agree to disagree on whether Latrice’s speech was offensive, we do now have some clarity on the rumors about Latrice being slightly tipsy on stage.

Marie confirmed during the first part of this reunion that Latrice did “take a few shots in the back” before they went on stage for this panel, and that she believes that Latrice may have been a bit tipsy during the event.

And whilst Latrice did not confirm these rumors herself, she also did not argue with Marie on this point (which is probably as close to a confession as Latrice has gotten this season).

Did Tambra get Marie disinvited from the State Capitol?

If seeing Latrice admit to checking on Sogucci’s real-estate sales was not enough to have your jaw on the floor during this reunion, then hearing Lateshia connect the dots of Tambra’s friendships certainly should have been.

All season long, we have been seeing Marie accuse Tambra of somehow being responsible for getting her disinvited from being honored at the capitol.

But Marie’s theory did not have any real weight to it, until Lateshia started connecting the dots between Tambra and her cousin (who not only organized her baby shower, but also works at the capitol).

And, while Tambra maintains that she was only the messenger in this situation, we simply cannot help but feel like hiding the fact that your cousin works at the capitol is quite a shady move.

Latrice and her ‘seeds of doubt’

Though this season four reunion certainly had its fair share of shocking moments, the reunion’s most shocking revelation came from a moment where the cameras were not even technically supposed to be rolling.

In case you missed it, Lateshia admitted in her dressing room that Latrice once told her that they should be sowing “seeds of doubt” on the show, even when they were getting along just fine.

And while it is usually fair to take anything said during such a heated argument with a grain of salt, Latrice’s new bestie, Josh, later pretty much confirms this when he admits that he felt like Latrice was prompting him to raise issues in her marriage with her husband.

In the end, it is certainly not rare for reality television stars to play up their feuds for the camera, but it seems like Latrice’s willingness to play along with a narrative is getting on everyone’s nerves.